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  1. I'm gonna bump this up because it's astonishing! Just out of this world.
  2. The file was under 128MB and still wouldn't have any of it.
  3. So much for the new show then.
  4. I've often wanted to do this to obtain some old Mark & Lard stuff, not sure what is kept and what isn't. Maybe special ones with guests or ones at times of big world events (9/11) may be on file. Might have more chance with Jules as it's a specialist show. Gaining access is really difficult though.
  5. I've found an old minidisc of Jules' Radio 1 Ibiza show from 2003, which I'm now saving down in audition and will be uploading. I also have the one from 2002 but only a bit of it. I recorded a lot in 2004/5/6 and may have some to throw on, but will upload elsewhere as my interwebs is slow on the upload at home.
  6. lyndon

    Memory lane...

    I'm 28 this year, and anything post 2009 just isn't up to scratch. I'd of rather been a clubber back in the early 00s, but I was too young then. On the outside looking in sort of thing.
  7. I've got my own recording of this as I stayed up and nabbed it from digital radio at the time. I remember sitting on my PC listening through my headphones and that Marcel Woods track was on, incredible.
  8. I wish I was. That essential mix is one of the greatest mixes of all time in my eyes.