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1995-00-00 - Pete Tong, Essential Selection, Best of 1995

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1995-00-00 - Pete Tong, Essential Selection, Best of 1995

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Remnant on tape of what seems a relatively tame run down of the best dance tracks of '95. (Complete with the news) Class tracks in their day though.


6. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - 'Access' [Ffrreedom]


BBC News
5. Grace - 'Not Over Yet' (B.T.'s Spirit Of Grace) [Perfecto]
4. Everything But The Girl - 'Missing' (Todd Terry Mix) [Blanco Y Negro]
3. Crescendo - 'Are You Out There' [FFRR]
2. D'Lacy - 'Hideaway' (Deep Dish Remix) [Slip 'n' Slide]
1. Josh Wink - 'Higher State of Consciousness' [Manifesto]


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What else would you expect from Tong, happy hardcore?, mental gabba?! :P

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I can't remember Crescendo - 'Are You Out There' [FFRR] at all from these days.  Sounds very much of its era as housey proto-trance tune.


For those interested in the complete tracklist, I have found it here: link.


Pete Tong - Essential Selection (Radio 1) 29th Dec 95 (117min)

Pete Tongs Best Of '95

Wild Colour - Dreams [Perfecto]
Shiva - Work It Out [FFRR]
The Groove Corporation - Twist And Change [Six6]
St Germaine - Alabama Blues [F Communications]
Method Man & Mary J Blige - Youre All I Need To Get By [Def Jam] hip hop
Groove Theory - Tell Me [Sony] downtempo
Ken Doh - Nakasaki [FFRR]
Danny Tenaglia - Look Ahead [Tribal]
Heller & Farley Project - Ultra Flava [Jus Trax]
Leftfield - Original [Hard Hands] downtempo
TLC - Waterfalls [La'Face] downtempo
Angel Moraes - Welcome To The Factory [Hot N Spicy]
BT - Embracing The Sunshine [Perfecto]
Robert Miles - Children [Platipus]
Tricky - Black Street [4th & Broadway]
La Tour - Blue [Polydor] Club Country Update
Minty - Plastic Bag [Sugar] Boy George Recommended:
Alex Reece - Feel The Sunshine [Blunted] jungle
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction [Metalheadz] jungle
D'Angelo - Brown Sugar [Cooltempo] hip hop
Ruffneck - Everybody Be Somebody [Positiva]
Nicole - Running [Avenue]
Faithless - Salva Mea [Cheeky]
Jeff Mills - Purpose Maker [Axis]
Poltergeist - Vicious Circles [Platipus]
Goldie - Inner City Life [FFRR] jungle
LTJ Bukem - Horizons [Good Looking] jungle

Top 10 Club Tunes of 95
The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home [Junior Boys Own] (10)
Man With No Name - Floor Essence [Perfecto] (9)
Westbam - Wizards Of The Sonic (Red Jerry Mix) [Urban] (8)
Wildchild - Renegade Master [Hi Life] (7)
DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access [X Trax] (6)


Grace - Not Over Yet [Perfecto] (5)
Everything But The Girl - Missing (Todd Terry Mix) [Warner Bros] (4)
Crescendo - Are You Out There [FFRR] (3)
De'Lacy - Hideaway (Deep Dish Mix) [Deconstruction] (2)
Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness [Manifesto] (1)


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