2002-07-06 - Judge Jules, Mardi Gras, London


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2002-07-06 - Judge Jules, Mardi Gras, London

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01. Joy Kitikonti - 'Joy Don't Stop' (Freaky Mix) [bXR]

02. Fergie - 'Bass Generator' [Duty Free/Decode]

03. VPL - 'T-Break' (Steve Murano Mix) [Closet]

04. Members Of Mayday vs. Superchumbo - '10 Revolutions' [white label]

05. Paul Masterson pres. Sushi - 'The Earthshaker' [You Clash/NuLife]

06. Jam X & De Leon - 'Can You Dig It?' [serious]

07. Jurgen Vries - 'The Theme' [FFRR]

08. Scott Mac pres. DJ Cams - 'Just Doing It' [Limit]

09. The Moon - 'Shake It' (CJ Bolland Big Bone Mix) [byte]

10. Snap! vs Plaything - 'Do You See The Light?' (Steve Murano Mix) [Data]

11. Dave Joy - 'First Impression' [Planet Traxx]

Tried and Tested

12. Dark Monks - 'Insane' (Steve Murano Mix) [incentive]

13. Syntone - 'Can't Believe It' [silicon]

14. BK - 'Revolution' [Nukleuz]

15. The Clergy - 'Oboe Song' (The Green Martian Mix) [FFRR]

Judge for Yourself

16. Yves Deruyter - 'Calling Earth' (2002 Mix) [bonzai]

Eddie Halliwell Guest Mix

17. Frank Biazzi - 'Turbulence' [Lupp]

18. Organ Donors - '4 Tribes (Wanna Be Startin' Somethin')' (Original Mix) [Nukleuz]

19. Marco V pres. Confusion Album Sampler - 'The Mutalisk' [iD&T]

20. Marco V pres. Confusion Album Sampler - 'Atlanta' [iD&T]

21. Rank 1 - 'The Awakening' (Cosmic Gate Mix) [Clubgroove]

22. GTR Vs The Shrink - 'Nervous Breakdown' (Hard NRG UK Bootleg Mix) [Nutrition]


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Hi, thanks. Is have a question. When I tap "download" it downloads and I can play it. But where on my iPhone does it go to? Or is it like a stream. It only seems to be accessible through safari. Can be played with anything else? Is there anyway to play this through my sonos?

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Seeing this reminded me about the old Mardis Gras set from 99 I was asking about ages ago. I don't think the audio ever surfaced. Absolutely loved that set. Don't think it's in the tracklistings either.

Anyway, stumbled upon a half an hour it recently, it's better than nothing.


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