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Aza presents... JJA 10-year Anniversary Mix

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File Name: Aza presents... JJA 10-year Anniversary Mix

File Submitter: Aza

File Submitted: 17 Dec 2015

File Category: Miscellaneous Audio

Aza presents a 10-year Judge Jules Archive forum/message board tribute mix. The mix is a follow-up to the milestone achievement of the board which celebrates by compiling members' personal individual favourites being mixed in a special set by its fan site dedicator, Judge Jules. Where it's been difficult to select just one track, long-term board member, Aza, picked up some of the 'too close to call' tracks - combining with some of his own personal favourites from particular trance eras - coupled with many of Judge Jules' Radio 1 and club 'belters'! The mix ambitiously fits many of these tracks in one set - spanning trance, tech-trance, dance and uplifting trance - in an essential-mix-esque DJ set. Enjoy!

01. Tomcraft - 'Loneliness' (Klub Mix) [Captivating]
02. Josh Wink & Lil Louis - 'How's Your Evening So Far?' (UK 12") [FFRR]
03. Steve Murano - 'Bootleg Beats Volume 2' (Original Mix) [White]
04. Joy Kitikonti - 'Joy Don't Stop' (Freaky Mix) [bXR]
05. Paul Masterson pres.Sushi - 'The Earthshaker' (Original Mix) [NuLife]
06. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin' (Celine Diablo Remix) [incentive]
07. Judge Jules - 'Keep Me Running' (Original Mix) [Maelstrom]
08. Fabio Stein - 'Tran-4' (Original Mix) [Maelstrom]
09. Jan Loper - 'I Can't Stop' (Original Mix) [Xtravaganza]
10. Jurgen Vries - 'The Theme' (Original Mix) [Direction]
11. Mudblood - 'Flaming June 04' [Mudblood]
12. Aza - 'Spectrum' (Live Pioneering Mix: Briggsy) [White]
13. Warrior - 'If You Want Me' (Original Mix) [incentive]
14. Kristine Blond - 'Loveshy' (Electrique Boutique Mix) [Relentless]
15. Starparty - 'I'm In Love' (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix) [incentive]
16. System F - 'Out Of The Blue' (Violin Edit) [Premier]
17. Darren Tate - 'Now We Are Free' (Gladiator Theme 2004) [White]
18. Lange & Andy Moor - 'Stadium Four' (Original Mix) [AVA]
19. Mat Zo - 'The Lost' [Anjunabeats]
20. Way Out West feat. Miss Joanna Law - 'The Gift' (Club Mix) [Deconstruction]
21. Jorio feat. Cyberdiva - 'Remember Me' (Space Brothers Remix) [Wonderboy]
22. Blank & Jones - 'Cream' (ATB Mix) [soundcolours]
23. Mr. Sam vs. Fred Baker pres. As One - 'Forever Waiting' (Original Mix) [Magik Muzik]
24. Mauro Damagio - 'I'm Damaged' (Lizarazu Mix) [White]
25. Marco V - 'Solarize' (Original Mix) [iD&T]
26. Lange feat. Skye - 'Drifting Away' (Lange's Sunset Dub) [VC]
27. Jones & Stephenson - 'The First Rebirth' (Liquid Overdose Remix) [bonzai]
28. Marc Dawn - 'Expander' (Flutlicht Remix) [Logport]
29. Solar Factor - 'No Return' [Progrez]
30. Reysan Khan - 'Shi-du 2000' (VOODI Remix) [JOOF]
31. DJ Bismark - 'Primitive Love' (Club Mix) [bXR]
32. Joman - 'Raggattak' (Mario Piu Mix) [bXR]

Click here to download this file

Click here to download cue sheet

Edited by Aza
Added "cue sheet" link to accompany mix

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Wow Aza! This mix is f***king insane!! Well done buddy!

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Aza, thank you for the mix and for the shout out; Jules' voice over adds a nice touch to this special mix. There are some really nice tunes in there but a personal highlight has to be:

27. Jones & Stephenson - 'The First Rebirth' (Liquid Overdose Remix) [bonzai]

Inspiring stuff no doubt, and it has encouraged me to spend a bit more time on the decks and a bit less behind FL Studio. :thumbsup:

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