2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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BBC Radio 1

Friday, 25th February 2000

9:00pm - 11:00pm




Half Hour Mix

20. The Act - 'Something About You' (DJ Garry Mix) [Spot On]

21. Condor - 'You Can (Kiss My...)' (Light Of Day Remix) [Additive]

22. Bedrock - 'Heaven Scent' (John Johnson Remix) [Marc et Claude's]

23. GnD 2000 - 'Angel Chorus' [VC]

24. Rank 1 - 'Airwave' (Rank 1 vs. Dutch Force Remix) [Manifesto]

25. DJ Jam-X - '!Keep It That Way!' (Pulsedriver Remix) [Chaos]


*The first half of this show, which started at 9:00pm, sadly does not survive. If anybody has a recording of this missing portion, please get in touch with us and we will merge it together with this to complete it.

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39 minutes ago, Glenn J said:

This is probably the only record of someone playing 'Angel Chorus' - thought I was the only one that knew it existed. So good as well


Nah mate, I remembered hearing it on this show and went out and bought the promo not long after from my old local record shop :) such a brilliant tune, massively underrated too, I can't believe it never got a proper release and is severely overlooked as a classic.

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