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From member "jplancky":

"I used to love this track and had it on an old long gone cassette. Reminds me of ibiza in 1998 as I remember hearing Jules playing at Mambo one evening when he did a surprise slot and had everyone singing the "i miss you, oh oh you know i do, feel it" vocal over and over.

The audio is taken from the Radio 1 Dance Party #04 - Brighton (1998-08-14 ) set on this site....

Never been able to identify it other than the vocal sample which is taken from "I want you" by Juliet Roberts

Hopefully someone on here can help?!"


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eny more info about this one??

can somebody contact dave pearce he palyed it ..

and jules

but dave wont answere to me mabie somebody got better contact to dave please what a great tune..

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yes he played gym tonic after it


Dave Pearce
20. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
21. Bob Sinclar - 'Gym Tonic' [EastWest]


Live P.A. by 187 Lockdown
22. 187 Lockdown - 'Gunman' [EastWest]
23. 187 Lockdown - 'The Don' [EastWest]


Dave Pearce
24. Stardust - 'Music Sounds Better With You' [Virgin]
25. Jungle Brothers - 'I'll House You '98' [FFRR]

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Tune was played around august 1998 by Dave Pearce and Judge Jules . on the ibiza island and in uk clip is from

BBC Radio 1 Dance Party
Live from Madeira Drive, Brighton
Friday, 14th August 1998

lyrics are "i miss you, oh oh you know i do, feel it"



the track fratures samples Lifeforce – Scatterbox (Acapella)

samples Juliet Roberts - I Want You (Acapella)

and a synth from The Mohawks – The Champ (Sagat – Luvstuff )

mabie a bootleg on a sampler i never found ore an acetate .. hope somebody knows..


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