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Coby - Blue Sapphire


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Things are looking up!

Lots of interest surrounding this track at the mo, mostly thanks to Stuey Fraser's distribution list :D

Johan Gielen has said he absolutely loves it and he has already played it on his Radio Show..... Michael Parsberg and DJ Choose have been spinning it too.

Once I get home from work I'll post up some of the feedback Coby has had, Stuart sent me a word document with all the feedback received thus far.

Will keep you guys posted, I think the next step is sending it to some labels ;)

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Any news on this world feedback? 'Tis a tune. When can we get a copy, is it going to be released?

Will put feedback on here soon, it is a tune yep!!

Not pressed yet, DJ's have been spinning it on CDR or mp3 format, not sure if it will be released, no specific label interest just yet, early days yet.

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