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hey guys, im i na dj comp in derby in a week or so - justt hought i'd ask for sum tips as ive never done 1 before!!

i have 20 mins (yes thats 20 mins :| ) to strut my stuff, so im thinkiing of 4 or 5 tunes squeezed in. i have 2 other guys in my 'techno/trance' heat, so i gotta beatt hem to get to the final!

they got a cool setup sorted for us - 2 x 1210's, 2 x cdj1000's and an allen & heath xone 62.

ive used all the equipment before so that aint a problem, justt hought i'd ask for sum tips if u have any??

gonna get all my mates down to support me - but pretend they don;t know me and go mental when im on - its marked on tune selection, mixing skill, presentation and crowd reaction (if any)!!

:D:D its a week on tuesday so i better get practising!

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Sounds good mate and first of all good luck!

I have never played at one, but have sent in demos for comps etc a few years back!

Just practise sh!t loads and rehearse your stuff well. This you can get away with a rehearsed set rather than be spontaneous IMO.

Make sure you feel confident and importantly look confident!

what tunes you got in mind? Gonna perform any tricks etc???

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cheers aza, good advice!

yeah im gonna plan my short set i nadvance and practice it, tune im thinking of are:

marcel woods- advanced

jonas steur Vs Ernesto Vs Bastian - Silent Side Of The Moon (Bootleg)

above & beyond - alone tonight (nasty dub)

and i aint decided the 4 th tune yet!!

will maybe throw a bit of looping in there, also use the allen & heath filters to maximum effect! :D:D

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