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Jules @ Ice Factory, Perth 14/7/00


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Friday, 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Live from The Ice Factory, Perth

1. Mario Piu - 'Library' [Nukleuz]

2. E Craig - 'Dutch Drum Attack' [white label]

3. Zombie Nation - 'Kernkraft 400' [Transk]

4. Hennes & Cold - 'The Second Trip' [white label]

5. Hi-Gate - 'D-Tune (Ear Plugs)' [incentive]

6. Yomanda - 'On The Level' [incentive]

7. Mabel - 'Disco Disco' [white label]

8. Lightforce - 'Join Me' (DOS Or Die)

9. Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - 'Silence' (DJ Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Mix) [Nettwerk]

10. Nappy Hardcore - 'The Laugh' [Closet]

11. Area - 'Definition Of Tekto' [white label]

12. Rockafellas - 'Da Boss Track' [white label]

13. Shrink - 'Are You Ready To Party?' [NuLife]

14. Jon Doe - 'NRG ' [white label]

15. Orion - 'Eternity' [incentive]

16. Condor - 'You Can Kiss My' [white label]

17. Anglia - 'Out Of Grace' [white label]

18. Yves Deruyter - 'Factor Y' [bonzai]

19. Da Hool - 'Eichelrück' (MG Mix) [white label]

20. Storm - 'Time To Burn' [Data]

21. Oliver Klein - 'Rheinkraft' (Ian Wilkie Mix) [b Sides]

22. Baby D - 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' (Rank One Mix) [systematic]

Here it is, finally! The TL above looks pretty good, but any corrections, I'm sure Tim would be pleased to know :wink: As usual, its in 2 parts and I think it starts from track 6



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7 days or 25 downloads or both uuslaly unless you open an account and pay aint it?

Finally downloading!

I think most people who would be interested come on here regular enough for it not to be a problem. Anybody else could put a request in and I can put it up again.

Enjoy Jason 8-)

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nice one Steve!

I just found my own copy of this set.

Its from the start till the end, but with minor cuts in a few tracks.

grab it HERE [154MB, 192kbit, 112:35min]

This set is a true beauty!

Best part for me, is when 'Eternity' breaks down... talk about goose bumps!

...and what an audience!!


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Quality tunes, takes me right back to around the time I got into DJing

Certainly does mate, there are only a few tunes on this that I dont have on vinyl, quality track list.

yeah, 4!!!!

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