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Jules' R1 show - 02/02/02 (2nd hour)


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I reckon this is one of the best second hours of any show that Jules has done on a Saturday. If you've got 50 minutes spare, listen to all of this in one go, there's the typical mini mixes featuring the more unusual tunes, Jules' old-style guestlist (watch out for the button pressed which nearly makes him laugh), and the excellent mix at the end in which Franktraxx was played for the first time on UK Radio... :)

Judge Jules - 02/02/02

14. Tall Paul - 'Everybody Is A Rockstar' (Fergie Remix) [Duty Free]

15. Intrique - 'Latino Nights' (Motivation Remix) [supadrive]

16. MJ - 'Techno' [white label]

17. DJ Bismark - 'Primative Love' [bXR Claxixx]

18. Systematic Parts - 'Don't Walk Away' [white label]

Judge For Yourself: Webchart Winner

19. Mauro Picotto - 'Pulsar' (Picotto Verdi Mix) [bXR Claxixx]

20. Sono - 'Keep Control' (JC Remix)

[b]Saturday Night Mix (20 minutes)[/b]

21. Space Frog - '(X Ray) Follow Me' [Tripoli Trax]

22. Pale-X - 'Shiver' [seventh Sense]

23. Soho - 'Flying Madness (Part 1)' [byte Blue]

24. Frank TRAXX - 'Nebuchan' [Tem Progressive]

[b] Download here [/b] (53.4MB)

Any missing info (e.g. remix of 'Follow Me'??) then post below.

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I use to edit his shows back then and have the last 3 in his mix on cassette. I also have taped about 5 other tunes from that show. I have highlighted Systematic Parts "Don't walk Away" so it will be interesting to see if l still rate it.

I have spent most of today (my day off) sorting out my tapes (approx 500) putting them in some sort of order. Very time consuming.

I've played a few of them which has bought back lots of memories. :)

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