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I liked your old one Tom but this is easier to see. I keep wanting to click on more pages though! :D  :wink:

lol cheers!

Well hopefully I'll keep getting more content up, there's only so much you can put on an amateur DJ site really, we'll get there ;)

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How about er.... I dunnoo how to cook Wakey style?

Well how to cook Wakey student style -

Required, frozen ready meals and 1 microwave (MW oven) Whatever you can get your hands on really.

Remove meal of choice from outer packaging

Pierce film lid several times

Heat for required amount of time (Look at packaging)



Leave to stand


or Beans on Toast

This is how to cook wakey style! ;)

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haha!! :D --> what's with the "leave to stand" instruction? A true culinary expert is Wakey :thumbsup:

We cooked a roast dinner before Christmas actually - turned out so well we served it up on the table and took a picture!

on the subject of web sites, dose any one know about code? I want the code for when the user clicks on the mp3 they have the option to open save or cancle!

Internet Explorer does this already when you click on an mp3 link?

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The leaving to stand is what it's all about when it comes to microwave stuff!!

But.. I cook for myself so it's loads of effort to do stir frys and stuff when half the ingrediants i know i wont use!!

I do currys and pasta dishes aswell, I'm not as s*** as i make out ;)

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