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judge jules @ coach banbridge


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Ohh wat a night!

Kicked of withj a few beers here in my house. at about 7 all the troops where here. headed to the bus for 8. by this time the head was light. had radio 1 pumping on the bus. arrived just before 9. no que, just shoot straight in.

the place was pretty emtpy and the chedder cheese was being played so we hit the rnb room. got a jug of "sex on the beach" £13. headed up to the dj booth. stood there as the music got abit better. we were staing to the door to the back car park the way jules would normaly come in.

but no! he came in another way. so we are standing waiting on him coming in as i hear the music level increase. i poped my head round the cornner to only see him on the decks! we proceded straight to the middle of the dance floor were we remaind the rest of the night!

most of the choons i cnat put a name to, but do rember Keep me running, LOOPED it ohh yes!, advanced, flight 643 vs randy kanta, looped, with accapela, "we dont really need a beat to have a party!" looped as well.

at the end he says one more choon, drop one i cant ID, then every on was chanting for one more, played universal nation. then all the lights came on. and every one still wanted one more. you could see where he wanted to but wasnt allowed, so i think he had word with some one then dropped, loops n tings! yeo was magic!

what a night cant wait till catch him again!

check out pics at www.djglennk.com

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sounds goo mate, good pics!!

just seen that jules is at nu-crasher in sheff in april, day before higgzy's b'day, oh yes, i think that will be nice sir.  :)

I think thats on Easter Sunday :? Pretty good line-up from what I remember

And he's also back at The Arches on the 29th April 8-)

Good report mate. I've never been at a night where he has been allowed One More Tune :(

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After wading through many laborious sites from the main GC one, and after many flashy unnecessary graphics, I found this:


(Sorry, but you'll have to click on Visit MicroSite' and look in there, I can't get a URL for the interesting bit, but basically its a full Crasher event, and not nu-crasher it would seem)

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