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This week's purchases - week beginning 27/02/06


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Aalto - 'Taurine' (Super8 Remix) [Anjunabeats (MP3)]

Armin van Buuren - 'Sail' [Armind (MP3)]

Emery & Kirsch - 'Lose Yourself' (Will Holland Remix) [Enhanced (MP3)]

Headstrong - 'Show Me The Love' (Adam White Remix) [Darey Products(MP3)]

Jon O'Bir - 'Effectual' [Conspiracy (MP3)]

Jones & Stephenson - 'The First Rebirth' (Danjo & Styles pres. Primer Remix) [bonzai Classics(MP3)]

Leon Bolier - 'My Precious' (Original + Remixes) [Captured Music] (replacement copy, I snapped the other one :?)

Matt Darey pres. Mash Up - 'Liberation (Fly Like An Angel)' (Solar Stone Remix) [incentive (MP3)]

Sean Tyas - 'Mirella' [Afterglow (MP3)]

Substate - 'Horizon' [Liquid (MP3)]

Wave & Glider - 'Coffee' [Airmass(MP3)]

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Might aswell download it? if its available than buyinga nother slab?, the latest Audiojelly newletter jobby tempted me greatly but I shall wait for the vinyls of at least three of the uns already available on there to come out, as I would likes them on vinyl.

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4 Strings - Hurricane

Super 8 vs DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorching

good work steve - couldn't wait for the full release eh!! worth it tho, stonker of a tune!!

as for hurricane :(

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Baroque have som stuff goin for 99p like Shiloh pres. HI & LO Sign I / Soteria Nascent so I though might aswell get the remix of Dream on while I was at it!

All vinyl:

Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden, Killers, Powerslave, No Prayer For The Dying, The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind LP's (Emi)

Saw hurricane on Juno for £6.50! sod that i'll get it off xpressbeats a bit later instead!

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Purchased from Three Shades in Brum

Oliver Prime - I Was A Bee (Oxygen)

Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (Inc 16Bit Lolitas Rmx & Orig) [Litte Mountain

Deepsky - Ghost (feat Marc Mitchell & Orig) [Release]

Really getting into the Oliver Prime tune having originally hated it, love the remix of 'My Lexicon' and having the original was an added bonus, the Marc Mitchell remix of 'Ghost' is a perfect intro tune, expect to hear it kicking off sundays show 8-)

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Yeah I got the FFRR release of My Lexicon goin back but this 16 Bit Lolitas un I needs! if its downloadable!:


sounds rushing (david west remix) (320 kbps) by dominic plaza

(props to Simcut for brining dis to moi atention!)

switched (320 kbps) by perry o'neil

(props to Tom bailey! brought dis to mo attention!)

horizons (original mix) (320 kbps) by substate

(props to Bjornola!)

satisfy (airwave mix) (320 kbps) by velvet girl

sunplay (original mix) (320 kbps) by vadik

earth's breathing (original mix) (320 kbps) by vadik

philtre (the green martian remix) (320 kbps) by armandi

(props to Jules 22 Feb top 10!)'

symphony beneath a summerstorm (original mix) (320 kbps) by airwave

night rider (original mix) (192 kbps) by six thirty

(freebie for spending over a tenner)

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