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Tonight - Rob Dalby Guest Mix & Boshed Records comp


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Just to let everyone on here know that tonight on my radio show I have a guest mix from Rob Dalby (Progress / Baby Slinky) and also a give away where we've got some releases from his record label Boshed to give away on vinyl.

Sure Bjorn can vouch for how good Dalby is, and I've also played a long side him on many occassions. Tune in for some quality tunage (trance not house tonight ;))

19:30 - 21:00 - www.livewire1350.com

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yep, i'll be tuned in for sure!!

damn right wakester - dalby is awesome, danced my tits off many a time to robero when he's boshed (pun intended 8-) ) out the tunes!!!

bring it.

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f***, i totally missed it :(

got back from sainsburies to find my missus sat in our lounge with higgzy, after a sit down talking 2 i totally fogotm shiiiiiiiiiiit!

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ooooo what was your missus and Higgzy doing in your lounge eh? hope you checked the sofa for spunk afterwards :lol:

Slightly changing the subject, anyone of you floody buckers got a tracklist? :D

as if simon, i doubt higgs would even shag u u c***!

rofl, me and beeny were doing the house shop....yeah bollox!

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Apologies for the delay -

Tracklisting for 01-03-2006 - House Sessions with Tom Wake


Chris Lake - Changes [Alternative Route]

Freeform 5 - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix) [Fine]

Deepdish - Dreams (Tocadisco remix) [Positiva]

Robbie Rivera - Sex (Original mix) [352]

Eric B & Rakim vs Jason Nevins - I Know You Got Soul (Original remix) [Radikal]

Shapeshifters - Incredible [Nocturnal]


Joachim Garraud - Rock The Choice (Oliver Twin Remix) [f*** Me I'm Famous]

Starchaser - It's A Different World [The Clubbers Production]

Tune of The Week

Simmons & Christopher - Just The Way (Original Mix) [spinnin]

Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (Karl G remix) [White]

C Mos - 2 Million Ways (Axwell remix) [Manifesto]

Believers - The World [Oxyd]


Mish Mash - Speechless

Phone Interview With Rob Dalby

Rob Dalby Guest Mix

Marco V - Red, Blue, Purple [CDR]

Santos - Pump It Up (Original Mix) [Mantra Vibes]

Solarstone - Eastern Sun (Martin Roth remix) [solaris]

M.I.K.E - Strange World (2006 Remake) [Club Elite]

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