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Microsoft to charge for MSN


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Nicce article mate. What a big pile of SH!T

Its hard enough paying for you ISP - let alone with "But Mr Holloway told the paper that he thinks people will be prepared to pay about £60 a year for extra services".

I did read recently that this is also to reduce the abuse of junk mail! But as if they aint got enough money! Its true for anyone with power, they always want more!

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I got sent this.....

"Hi everybody, this was sent to me through contacts... I'm sure you've been hearing a lot about this, so I'll leave it up to you what you do with it... This is 100% true. The use of msn and hotmail will cost money from summer 2006. If you send this message to 18 different people from your list your little msn icon will become blue and that will make it free for you. If you dont believe me go on (www.msn.com) and see it yourself. Dont foward this message, copy paste it so people will actually read it ."

I don't do the whole 'forward it to 10 people and you will find love cr@p' so I havent tried it but if anyone can be arsed let me know if it works.

If msn start chargeing then no one will use the damn thing every one will just switch to yahoo or summthing like that, it's a stupid idea an' all they'll manage to do is loose all the advertising £££'s.

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