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This week's purchases - Week Beginning 06-03-2006


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Got these yesterday so thought I'd create this week's thread, I'm a couple of mins early ;)

So for me we have -

CDs -

Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets [Hed Kandi]

Blaze pres Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (Remixes)

Anjuana Beats vol.3 Mixed by Above & Beyond (Early Demo Version)

Stonebridge - Freak on

All £1 each!!!

Vinyl -

Switch - A Bit Patchy [Dubsided]

Dave McCullen - Bitch

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Where did you get the early demo of A&B? :)

I was wondering that. Only a £1 :shock:

ebay - ive seem some of them floating around...

get tri-state wakey, tis feckking mint!

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I got all the CDs from Reveal records in Derby. Didn't get them off ebay.

Had a listen to the A&B compilation and it's really good, except it's got a sample of a woman saying it's the demo over each tune so it can't be ripped etc.

All good! Not listened to late night alumni yet. Will do this afternoon 8-)

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Ordered from Juno...

Junk Science - MoodSwing (Underground Lessons)

Benz & MD - Open Bar/ Percassins (Aurium)

Bakke & Joni - Bali (Enhanced Progressive)

The Hawk remix of 'Bali' is superb a nice bassline driven prog tune, Benz & MD records are a little darker than their usual productions but every bit as good, think you all know how much i like the JunkScience tune

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Some MP3s off Paul van Dyk's excellent Vonyc.com shop:

Armandi - 'Philtre' (The Green Martian Remix) [bonzai Limited 2006]

Mac Zimms - 'L'annonce Des Couleurs' (Original Mix) [2Play 1999]

Matt Darey feat. Tiff Lacey - 'Always' (Matt Darey Mix) [Darey Products 2006]

Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade - 'I'm Alone' (Mirco de Govia Remix) [Euphonic 2003]

Singles & Angles - 'Submerge' (Original, E Craig, & Trance Mixes) [Liquid 1999]

York feat. Asheni - 'Mercury Rising' (Diver & Ace Original Club Mix) [Offshore Music 2006]

York feat. Asheni - 'Mercury Rising' (Mark Eteson Remix) [Offshore Music 2006]

York feat. Asheni - 'Mercury Rising' (Part 1 Original Mix) [Offshore Music 2006]

--> amazing to have Mac Zimms on there, and Singles & Angles is brilliant cos the 2 vinyl copies I have of Submerge were 2nd hand and are knackered. :)

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I tell you what I got in a right muddle with all the remixes of York, got very confused but eventually liased with a German lady from PvD's website to sort me out with some vouchers :wink:

Tim's way with the ladies :wink: :wink: :wink:

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1 x BLANK & JONES: Revealed (remixes) (Spinnin Holland)

12": (WL 040) - [5.54]

1 x PEETU S: Bigger Palace (Altitude Holland)

12": (ALT 019) - [5.10]

1 x MAD EDDY K: Do You Like It (Altitude Blue Holland)

12": (ALTB 4) - [4.60]

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I'll still buy vinyl too (if it ever happens :lol: ) but tunes are available sooner on download and at a fraction of the cost.

Rough calculations:

40 x vinyls @ approx £7 each (incl postage) = £280

40 x downloads @ approx £1.20 each = £48

1 x Gemini CFX30 CD Deck = £235 (from Decks.co.uk)

Therefore, I reckon it should pay for itself after a year 8-)

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Yeah thats the thing, as much as I love vinyl its just easier really to have stuff on cd's space wise etc... Im thinking of downsizing my vinyl collection a leeetttle bit after I've recorded it all to cd's. (some have aged well as Im finding out now!)

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yeh i went with mad eddy k mate, im just sat in my room waiting for them t oarrive....

also got sum mp3's yesterday -

York - Mercury Rising (Original Club Mix) (Offshore) - 80p

York - Mercury Rising (Mark Eteson Remix) (Offshore) - 80p

Kaye Stone - Alone (Original Club Mix) (Mondo) - £1 (320!)

Kaye Stone - Alone (Mind Step One Mix) (Mondo) - £1 (320!)

DT8 Project - Winter (Galen Behr Remix) (Sound Piercing) - £1.50

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Definately going with more downloads this year as I decided at the start, and also buying more trance this year than the previous couple!

Vonyc (its back alive and kiccckinngah!):

4 Strings - Hurricane

4 Strings - Hurricane [DJ 4 Strings Remix]

Airbase - Escape

Avanto - The Flute (Original)

Factoria - Kissed By An Angel [Arksun Remix]

Greg Downey - K.I.A. [Marc van Linden Remix]

Greg Downey - K.I.A. [Original Mix]

Luminary - Amsterdam [Maor Levi Mix]

Shiloh - Vista Cruz

Woolworths (59p a track! 192 kbps!)

Coldplay-Talk (Junkie XL Remix) (nearly 12 minutes long woo!)


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