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Production equipment

Max Kane

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Right then, being as i still (somehow) have a small portion of my 21st birthday money left over i've decided to start looking into gettin some production stuff.

So some Qs for those on here who produce or re-edit...

What software do you use?

How much does it cost?

Do you incorporate any hardware?

If so what kind of stuff and again cost info?

Would be a great help to me as i seriously wana get into production somewhere along the line.


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These days there is less producers using outboard gear (synths, effect machines etc . .) everything is done inside the computer using vst instruments. However I still prefer the outboard, some of the sounds you get from a JP8000 cannot be recreated on today`s vst instruments. I would say the main important areas to work on, are kick and percussion. These are the foundations of dance music. It has to be distinctive/memorable and powerful so that when youre in the club, it hits you straight away. Creating a melody that no-one has ever created before is the next big milestone - but some are better than others at this.

VST instrument I recommend - Vanguard. You wont go far wrong. :D

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