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On air in 10 guys...

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Tuned in as well  Although thankfully not a Propaganda essay in sight  

BTW Tim, you can't even spell 'Propaganda'!!!!!!!  

lol it's been a very long day.... and a long night to come too :roll:

Like your avatar btw :wink:

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A TL for public information:

1. Gnarles Barkley - 'Crazy' (Karl G Remix) (White Label)

2. Open Air - 'Seven Nation Army' (Young Punx Remix)

3. Groove Armada - 'Love Box'

4. The Classic Cut:

Underworld - 'Rez' (JBO)

5. Satiago Nino - 'Arpeggio [High On Life]' (Baroque)

6. Brian Cross - '4 U' (ASOT)

7. Future Anthem of the Week:

Hemstock and Jennings - 'Mirage' (Jochan Miller Remix)

8. The Clergy - 'Saints and Sinners'

9. Unknown - 'A Frank Witness' (CDR)

10. 8th Wonder - '8 Wonders' (Alt + F4 Remix)

11. Quake - 'The Day Will Come' (Karl G Remix) (CDR)

12. K90 - 'Ghosts In the Machine'


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