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Me + Hospital :(


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Hi all,

Just to let you know that I am ok, I was rushed to hospital last Wednesday from work with chest pains and breathlessness.

Thankfully its nothing wrong with my heart, I have an infection of the pleura surrounding my left lung and have been in a great deal of pain since Sunday before last, which gradually got worse.

I am on antib's now and although I am still in a lot of pain im trying to keep a smile on my face :) I've been signed off work for the rest of the week by the doc....

Just wanted to let ya know what was up anyways....


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All the best, mr Simcut. Don't drink any beer whilst on the antibiotics, or they don't work! :wink:

Hope you'll be feeling much better in a few days time once those antibiotics kick in and don't forget to finish the course. Keep smiling.

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