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My radio show, bit of Trance for ya!


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Hi everyone,

as I'm sure you're all well aware now I do my radio show on Wednesday nights.

I've decided to do a Trance hot mix to conclude the show tonight... there's a few old trancers in there from a few years ago, not your obvious trance classics though! I think you will like them!!

Nice uplifting trance ;)

19:30 - 21:00 - http://www.livewire1350.com

Hope you can join me! :D

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Just out of interest Chrissie, did you manage to listen last time by the link that I provided to paste into winamp?

Yes l did and it worked. :thumbsup: sorry l didn't let you know.

Unfortunately missed some of your show as a friend rung me (hadn't heard from her in a while) so we had alot to talk about. :oops:

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Tracklisting for those of ya that heard/missed it but wanna know what was played!

House Sessions with Tom Wake - 22-03-2006

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Karl G remix) [CDR]

Sam La More - Takin' Hold (Original Mix) [underwater]

Soul Avengerz - Love You Feel [Opaque]

Mood II Swing - Can't Get Away (Full Intention Mix) [Defected]

Mamaluke - The Pant (Beatphreakz Remix) [Jack To Phono]

Tune of The Week

Timeline - Sex Appeal (Starchaser remix) [Oryx]

Blaze - Most Precious Love [Defected]

Lady Miami - Don De [Clubbers Productions]

Starchaser - It's A Different World [Clubbers Productions]

Open Air - 7 Nation Army [Loaded]

ReWind Classic

Chris & James - Club for Life '98 [stress]

Trance Hot Mix with Tom Wake

Revolution 9 - The Weapon (Tillmann Uhrmacher remix) [Vandit]

DJ Cor Fijneman ft. Jan Johnston - Venus (Tiesto remix) [blackhole]

Vector 7 - Infected [iTWT]

Andy Hunter - Go! (Antillas remix) [Nettwerk]

Push - The Legacy [inferno]

More next week! 19:30-21:00 on Wednesday

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Trance Hot Mix or Hot Trance Mix with Tom Wake?

Or Trance Mix with Hot Tom Wake? :D

Anyway, nice tunes sir (I'm not gay), I enjoy your House sessions as you know and even some Trance - what spurred this?

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LOL, well may have to re-word it! ;)

Well Trance was what I started DJing about 5 years ago and my collection of trance tunes at home is huge. It's only the past couple of years I've been playing house.

Last time I was at home I brought a selection of trance tunes back to uni and decided I'd give some of my faves a bit of air play!

I'd forgotten how good all of those tunes in the hot mix were especially The Weapon, Infeced and the remix of Go!. Venus has always been an awesome tune! :D

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