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Boomin night


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just thought i'd mention last night.....progress classics - awesome hearing some proper classics!

wont u agreee higgzy!

tunes of the night:

cafe del mar

pvd - for an angel

dejure - sanctuary

hi - gate - we're gonna work it out

lost witness - happiness happenning

lucid - i can't help myslef

gouryella - gouryella

choooonsss!!! :D:D:)

best bit about it? NO CDJ's!!! old school all vinyl night!!

oh, and they handed out free ice pops on the dancefloor cos it was soo hot :o:P

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Its one of those records that the chavs know but im not ashamed to play and rate as a good recod. It will never loose its credibility.

For an angel is my favorite recod of all time so I would never slag it off. I will banish anyone who does to the dungeon of sonic slavery where they will have to listen to a lifetime of dave pearce and Dj sammy for eternity!!

Or something similar...........................

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