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Jules's non existent show 25/6/05


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Heres my prediction on what he played in this weeks imaginary show:

(No cut up this weeks as its far too underground for this show)

1) The Worzels - Ive got a brand new combine harvester (Max graham rmx)

2) Crazy Frog - Axel f (Commander tom rmx)

3) Tony Christie - Amarillo (Tom neville rmx)

4) Coldplay - Speed of sound (Dj Sammy rmx)

5) Will Smith - Switch (Jules edit)

6) Judge Jules - Keep Me running (Dave Pearce edit)

7) Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Dave pearce oi, oi mix)

8) Moogwai - Viola (Ian Van Dahl rmx)

Corrections please........

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Oooo I forgot to list the guest mix from Tiesto B2b with dangerous dave. how stupid of me!!

(Tiesto playing the first record)

Tiesto - Traffic (Montanna Edit)

Dj Sammy - Summer

Mathew Dekay - Bad

Lasgo - Something

Skin - Faithfulness (Tiesto rmx)

Alice deejay - Better off alone

Armin Van Buuren - Blue fear

Darude - Sandstorm

Tiesto - Flight 643 (Oliver klein rmx)

N Trance - Set you free

Allure - The loves we lost

Ultrabeat - Pretty green eyes

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i still check it and post on there now and again, but it has declined (sadly). Jules doesnt really post on there any more because of this and its a shame really, as that really did make it such a godo place!

This board I think has potential to and is a very friendly and helpful place. Jules has even joined it too :roll:

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It would be nice to get Jules to post on here more, but clearly he will be busy with the Ibiza season coming up to check posts regularly (especially the volume of stuff posted every day on here) - so if there's something you really need him to answer on the board, just email him with a link to the thread in question and I'm sure he'll oblige. Please make sure it's worth his time though..!

The above was most entertaining, by the way;

Made me smile as it loaded up :D

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(Dave pearce oi, oi mix)

:D:D Brilliant 8)

Yeah, I rarely go on jj.net now. Its full of rubbish threads, over-spammed and quite honestly, I'm scared to say what I think for fear of backlash, which I just can't be arsed with.

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Meh, I hate that, the whole point of a message board it to air your opinion, not get it torn to pieces by all the cliquey kids.

LOL @ tracklisting!!

Dave Pearce was in a crappy club near me recently, friend who was there said he was s***, but then again, that doesn't surprise anyone. Could have told him that before he went! Although, Armin's guest mis on his show was good, and Dave has some interesting tunes in his box recently for his mixes on the show.

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