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jules at inside out 26/06/05!!!!


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okay anyone on the board that went to inside out at the arches on sat? along with mauro picotto and well it was supposed to be above & beyond but they never showed up!! jules ended in main arch where he was stormin the place with what u would expect him to play, from what i rem (and thats rare for me at the arches wi me!) he played ...

h.o.t - house of trance

unknown remix of ratty sunrise

coldplay speed of sound (karl g)

quite a few techno soundin tracks??

flipside & parsberg - box(fookin tune!!)

jules - keep on running

marcel woods jesslyn - flora/fauna

modulation - sky (ksystem)

maybe carbon - shelter me(soren weille) ??? (sure i heard this!) (this tune is massive!!!!!!)

einmusik - jittery heritage

loads others i just cannae rem!!?? but he was s*** hot even my mates

joanne and brian who are more house orientated enjoyed his set!!

missed much of piccotto as he was on same time as jules!

top top nite tho :wink:

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sum amazin tunes in there mate - unknown remix of ratty looks promising, could it be one the 2005 remixeS??

carbon is interesting, i almost bought this record bout 2/3 months ago - the release had the original and ronski speed mix on it, i think its an awesome tune - sore weile adding the 'f&w' touch!

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aw mate the carbon track esp soren wiele instrumental is one of the best this yr for me!!!!

just rem another few he played!

bk jules - seizure, blanco diablo - absolute control , dogzilla mix of darkside of moon, dynamic sense - get ur feet back on the ground, and dumonde v jules (that rift exploded the place!!!!)

finally he played 4strings sunrise where the eccy lights came on!! The SUN was out!! :wink: &

tiesto - adagio for strings, also a remix of dj elite fuct camera (which i never heard before!?)

he played loads more and he was on for around 2hrs. best nite in ages!!!!

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seems h e played all my fav jules tunes that night..........check out www.astralmusic.nl - theres a little info on carbon on there!!

dynamic sense - what a choooooooooon!!!

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do apologise for late response!! i stay in clarkston mate fairly close to shawlands. btw nice pubs in shawlands and birds are hot in shed nightclub!!

best club in southside!! :)

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Small world! That's where my gf's mum lives and know Clarkston really well 8) (Although a distinct lack of pubs there)

Never been to the Shed, but I hear its more of a carpet club :cry: I've never lived so near to a club before, that I'm sure to go there. The main road looks to have decent pubs on it too.

Jules is doing IO at the end of September, so I'm deffo up for that

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