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New Radio Station....


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ok, this is rather coincidental with the radio thread before, but....

a mate of mine and his mate are setting up an internet radio station of their own using another mates hosting and server. This radio station will stream at a cd quality of 128kbs.

Anyway, we are looking for people to dj on the show who dj in any style of music. We have loads of slots available - anyone is welcome and shows do not have to be live.

So dormouse, u could play a recorded show if u wanted (or play the same show u do on a friday if u wanted)

Aza, glenn, christian, tom, jassy b ure all welcome, christian - it would give a somethig to do over the summer as ure missing ure radio show!!

Anyway, if anyone i interested please let me know and details will be forthcoming!!

cheers guiys!

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