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20 x AATW releases on Ebay, starting price 99p

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TBH, I was tempted as there's always an occassion for tunes like that and it works out at about 30p per vinyl. Surely they would sell for more seperately, but then there's the embarrassment factor of putting your Ebay name to them :D

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my best EVER buy offa ebay was the whole adjusted label back catalogue:

thrillseekers - synaethesia disk 1

thrillseekers - synaethesia disk 2

thrillseekers - newlife

evolve - safe to dream

for..........£4 including posting and packaging!!!!! couldn't believe it!!

also i got my sony mdrv headphones for £23.50 brand new (they retail at £60) - the geezer emailed me and said 'after ebay costs i made a profit of £1.09 on that auction!!!!'

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