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Gatehouse in Derby closing....

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Balls, just found out that the Gatehouse in Derby (the best club in derby by a mile) is closing. This means an end to progress and blend - apparently blend is seeking a new venue, but nobody knows about progress.

What a shame, since ive been at derby blend has seen such dj's as:

Pete Tong

Joey Negro

David Morales

Sharon O'love

DJ Roog

MYNC Project

X-Press 2

Danny Rampling

Richard F

and many more....


Judge Jules X 2

Matt Hardwick

Micheal Woods

Simon PAtterson

Scott Bond

Dangerous Dave Pearce - lol

John Askew

John Kelly

and a few more.....

A real shame, looks like we'll have to find sum new places for house and trance in derby

:roll: :roll: :(:(

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Seriously? That sucks. Nottingham really hasn't seen any trance people for ages, not that I know of anyway. it's all Drum n' bass, breaks and a smattering of house. But also house and cheese crap. Tis gutting.

Bring back Renaissance @ Media!

Btw, the only club i've been to in Derby was on a student night at mclusky's for friend's bday in April - was a laugh, lol. Although, playlist typically student.

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lol @ mccluscky's!!!

what a sh1t club, i aint been there for ages , the music offends my ears and to make matters worse the dj thinks he's the tits - i tell u theres a brand new setupup of 1210's in there and i swear hey've never been used!!

get ure arse to lomg eaton mate, we might have to make sum trips there now - theres a guy on the jj.net who's a resident there, he's safe.

Why don't u get ure self down to that cheese-tastic nightclub. can't remeber the name but when i was in notts last there was a big banner above the door announcing sangerous dave's imminent appearance!

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Thats a shocker. Surely Progress can't die - its been around years.

The Bomb in Nottingham is supposedly closing too, but I don't have any firm info on that.

Yeah, its djjd off jj.net thats a ressie at Fixation in Long Eaton. They get some good nights down there. John Dixon (djjd) has also done Passion.

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i heard that bout the bomb too.......

progress has died many a time remeber and been bvrought back to life many times!!!

he pm'd me ages ago tryna get me to fixation, throwing free entry and the lot my way!!

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never been to the Bomb, it's all a bit too cool for me!

I know which one you mean, Dangerous goes to The Works, althought Jules was there the other week apparently, but i'm home now. Generally go to the student nights in Notts, and they are obv cheesy. Tho, i saw Jules on a Uni night @ Mode, which is a nice club because it doesn't smell of puke, lol.

My 21st is a long way off in November I know, but i'm considering planning a bit of a weekend extravanganza to get some wicked trance hopefully @ Passion.

I've seen all the Long Eaton stuff advertised, i'm sure I could pursuade my less well informed friends to go start of next term. Pop over, would be great!!

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ive been to the bomb, ages ago on a rennaissanc enight - was really good, i heard the bomb is closing now......

bit of board meet-up on the cards, lol, that would be well sound tho!

last time we went to notts is cost us like £3.50 return on the coach, we almost missed the last one at bout 3am last time!!!

well cheap tho, we must go out in notts more often, oh u were right, it was the works i was on about!

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