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Jules 9-07-05


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Basically he has pre-prepared 'sweeps' of pre-done mixes from time to time, he must have played that Josh Wink bootie track then 4gotten that he'd put it at the end of one of his sweeps!

(Sweeps is a radio term, basically means a succession of so many tunes in a row!)

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not a mssively impressive show really considering he had 2 weeks off, not many new tunes part form the final 30 mins.

What the hell was than gwen stefani bootie - it was crap!!

Hmmm, not his best show with that sweep feck up!

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I didn't hear the show but with regard to the attacks in London I did suggest to Jules to do not too many shouts or guestlists this week, and to keep it mellow like he did on Sept 15th 2001...

I only caught a few tunes in the car as I drove to a mate's 21st - had to stop after the Tried & Tested, but it was excellent, can't remember what it was. I felt more than happy winding the window down and parking very slowly on the kerb just so all the party-attenders could hear :D

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Hopefully l'm going to see Jules in Newquay on Sat 6th August which promises to be a good night. The club overlooks the beach so you get that Ibiza feel as most of the crowd will be holiday makers. Can't wait!! :D 8)

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Make sure you two report back here on the atmosphere and all after the event! :wink:

Never been to BCM but one of my old friends did a couple of years ago, said it was absolutely enormous inside. Would love to give it a visit, even if Dave was playing...

Agent Munki reminded me by the way that Tried & Tested Jules played which I hadn't heard before has been out for nearly SEVEN months (K90 - 'Red Snapper') :?

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K90's Red Snapper I believe has been about for 4 years, although the mix Jules played sounded completely different.

Dave Pearce was playing it at his dance parties way back in 2001.

It was finally released on Recover in 2002 with Joe Doe and Wavestorm remixes

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01. Alex Gavdino - 'Little Love' [white]

02. Missy Elliot - 'Lose Control' (Unknown Remix) [white]

03. Braud Reynolds - 'Rocket' [white]

04. Josh Wink vs Unknown - 'Higher State' [white]

05. Les Rhythmes Digitales - 'Jacques Your Body' (Unknown Remix) [white]

06. Nu Electric - 'No Matter What' [white]

07. Deux - 'Sun Rising Up' (Jupiter Ace Mix)

08. Coburn - 'We Interrupt This Message' [white]

09. Perfecto All Stars - 'Welcome To The Club' [white]

10. Alena - 'Rough Caberet' [white]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

11. K-90 - 'Red Snapper' (Unknown Remix) [white]

12. Unknown - 'Gwen's Holla' [white]

13. Einmusic - 'Jittery Heritage' [white]

14. Dynamic Sense - 'Get Your Feet Back Off The Ground' [white]

15. George Acosta - 'Melodrama' [white]

16. BK & Judge Jules - 'Seizure' [white]

17. Above & Beyond vs Lange - 'Believe In Surrender' (Noff's bootleg) [white]

18. DJ Scot Project - 'I (Need U)' [Overdose]

19. Unknown - 'Ghosts' [white]

20. Headroom - 'Surreal Funker' [white]

21. Jochen Miller - 'Polarity' [white]

22. E Craig - 'Call It A Day' [white]

23. Ronald van Gelderen - 'Filth' [white]

24. Randy Katana - 'Pleasure Island' [white]

25. Hemstock & Jennings - 'Mirage (Of Hope)' (Jochen Miller Mix) [white]

Loads of missing info there I know (fire away!); I wish Jules would put in the remixers more consistently! :?

Any news on this new mix of Red Snapper then?

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K90 - Red Snapper is a corker!

Have cained that quite a lot and put it in my mix demo's. Unfortunately I missed the Tried & Tested part! Whats the tune like - better than the Jon Doe mix?

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Obvious (well I reckon anyhows) corrections:

01. Alex Gaudino Presents Lil Love-Lil Love [Rise/Positiva]

07. Deux - 'Sun Rising Up' (Jupiter Ace Mix) [Azuli]

09. Perfecto All Stars - 'Welcome To The Club' [Perfecto]

13. Einmusic - 'Jittery Heritage' [Nebula]

05. Les Rhythmes Digitales - 'Jacques Your Body' [Club Mix] [Data]

Thats my lot.

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Htfr prob do have it, its just plain white if i femember with 'one hit wonder' on it in marker pen, saw it down the lokal the other day, didn't buy it, not realy my cup of tea - thought everywhere had it, should have got some to sell on ebay :(

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fao jason b, its on juno mate, thats where i got my copy, its gettin a ful release btw, well as i stay in glasgow, scotland missed out on jules radio show on sat. looks like i never missed much but would ave loved to heard that jochem miller mix of mirage (one of my fav ever tracks!)

oh up here it was continuos t in the park coverage which made me sick as i wanted to be there!

this k90 track must be a new mix!! surely?!

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04. Josh Wink Vs. Sandy Rivera - Can't Stop The Conciousness (White)

08. Coburn - 'We Interrupt This Message' (Great Stuff Recordings)

13. Einmusic - 'Jittery Heritage' (Nebula)

theres my changes

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Has no-one realised that the Coburn track is called 'We Interrupt This Program', not 'We Interrupt This Message'.....?
Yes mate that should be correct in all the previous tracklistings on the main website! I didn't cross-check it when I did a TL for this week because I couldn't be arsed to wait for the page to load on this dialup.

(Actually thats a s*** excuse cos the TLs load up very quickly even on dial-up - I just forgot!! :D :wink:)

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That K90 - Red Snapper is a good record indeed. On the 2nd of the 2 weeks that jules was away on, I saw him play at the syndicate in blackpool. That was where I first heard the track. The moment I first heard it, i loved it. I was hoping jules would play it when his show resumed and he has now 2 weeks in a row. I think it's the heavenly vocals in the background that do it for me and create that hairs standing up feeling. I just think they are way to quiet in comparisum to the overpowering beat on this one. As for the tracklistings, well I think the version of this record that Jules has been playing may actually be a remix as I believe the original is by lisa lashes and is more of a happy hardcore style track. I have no idea who the remix is by though. Any of you guys know? - I'm sure Jules will know! :).

RE One hit wonder - Grace of God, (A truely amazing record), direct link to purchase a copy on juno here.....


Some people i've spoken to reckon it is good enough to have a big impact on the commercial charts. Certainly hope so anyway! :)

p.s, Living in England, I thought 2 weeks without Jules was hell, but 3 weeks (as i understand was the case in scotland), that must have been unbearable! How did u cope?! lol.

It's also a shame that a lot of music that jules might have played on those shows we won't get to hear now because he does sometimes play quality tunes on the odd week, and then you never hear them again!

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