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Good websites for push bikes??


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Not sure, but I'm thinking of getting one too. I hate to admit it, but there's one in Asda for £87 which is probs pretty naff, but it'll do what I want it for. Besides some chav will only nick a decent one.

I went into a proper cycle shop yesterday and got bored to death about different cog wheels, slight variations in frame diameter, etc, that I will never walk into a cycle shop again. He took 30 minutes to finish his speech and even when another customer wanting to ACTUALLY BUY, he asked them to wait till he finished with me!

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Im thinking of getting one still! Weather is nice aswell so cycling to work is on the cards (fitness is decling aswell :roll: :roll: )

Im after one with suspension and all that, but yeh your prob some TW@ will prob end up robbing it!

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When I was 15 I remember trying to race my friend to the video store down an enormous hill and halfway down trying to overtake a parked car. However another car was coming the other way and, although I nipped in just in time I had no time to mount the kerb at such speed and went straight over the handlebars and landed about 20 feet away on the pavement, breaking most of the bones in my left hand, and my wrist. If I hadn't been wearing a helmet too I'd been well and truly screwed because I took a huge chunk out of it somewhere during landing.

I've never set foot on a bike again, even now!

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lmao at tim!!!

thats a good story!

Well then aza, u picked a good thread for me to reply 2 8)

im a keen mountain biker and whos_this_guy (glenn) races mountain bikes!

I love bikes, quality, altho cos i have decent bikes ive had then knicked around 6 or 7 times, but done well with the insurance! its not like i left them l;ying around or owt, SERIOUS security in the garage but they still got knicked. c***os's!!

Righty, bike sites u say? here we go....





halfords is ok as well, but their website is poo.

those are the best online places, have a good look through and ask me for any info u need!

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Cheers matey for your help! Glad to hear your a keen biker!!

gutting bout your bikes though , the chavs around this country hey......

Ill certainly check those websites out when I have some time!

Cheers again buddy ;)

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I thought there was a post about bike on this.  

Im selling 2 bikes,  

Trek 9.8 2005 with disc's worth £4000 - looking £1500

Trek 9.8 2004 full XTR woth £3900 - looking £1300

nice f***ing bikes mate. What discs u got on the 2005 9.8? hayes? hope?

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