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WTF @ Ireland / Northern Ireland


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I saw this at the end of the news last night, they only mentioned it briefly but from the clips they showed it looked like a proper riot had kicked off.

Why attempt to organize a march in such areas where it's bound to cause friction?

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I dont wanna offend anyone that is religious but its the cause of so much hatred and death in this world becuase people are so devoted to their beliefs. Religion in my eyes is the worlds biggest lie as there is no proof that anything actually exists i.e. 'God'.

I dont want to create any arguments and I dont have any bad feelings towards religious people but the wole religion thing came about when people didnt understand things properly because of the lack of scientific understanding. If someone recovered from a illness it was considered an act of god and a 'miracle'. Nowadays its just that they survived it becuase their body/drugs fought it off. Simple as.

If you really think about it, my theory is right.

Now im not saying religion is bad becuase it gives people hope for life after death and other such things but in reality it causes too much trouble to be good.

How about the Tsunami last year. People in Thailand thought that it was God punishing them? Thats not the way to think. It was nature.

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