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Me getting old :(


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The way i look at it is that a year is sod all. How fast does one day go??

Answer.... Really fast.

A year is only 365 of those.........Not that long really.

When your young you arent aware of time like we are now (when were watching our youth slip away :wink: ). It doesnt equate to a lot of time when you add it all up.

In the modern world though youth lasts longer and we get to enjoy our life for longer. Imagine being this age in the early 1900's. We'd most likely have kids and staying in every night to look after them for fecks sake. I for one am glad that I exist now rather than then.

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:shock: 23 is NOT old..

Start worrying when you get over 25. I just turned 26 and I feel like an old git everytime I'm at a party with people just a few years younger than me.

This year I'm celebrating my 10-year anniversary as a dj.

I started listening to electronic music when I was 12 In 1992,

when the Prodigy was on fire and electronic music was the most exciting thing in the world.

I'm happy I grew up in the 80's and got to experience the rise of dancemusic in the 90's.

What a decade.

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