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As a regular user of this website, if not a regular poster on this messageboard, I feel that your lack of dedication to updating this website throughout the summer is frankly shocking, appalling and hugely disappointing.

Is it too much to ask to undertake the creation and editing of this website with even a remote hint of professionalism?

Anyone with a REAL appreciation of the music we all love would not dream of accreditting their name to a farce of this kind.

Sincerely disappointed,


P.S. Haha F*cker, speak soon! :P

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Hehe well you might be "hugely excited" by the prospect of broadband finally being injected into this household as of the end of this week so it will be always up to date from then on - it's all ordered, just gotta wait for the bits to arrive in the post so I can hook it up myself :D

Good to hear from you Maldini anyhow! Have you got a summer job yet? :? I've somehow found myself painting old people's garages and windowsills bizarre colours for them in order to acquire some sort of credit...

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Still trying to get a job around here, not too much going; all students have claimed most of the temporary ones. Trying not to lower myself to industrial work, but it might happen at this rate!

Hope you're kicking off some history revision soon, I'm about to start mine. On that subject, did you ever recover TOCA???

Haha, laters,


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