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Tune Inn gone bust


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Just had this email from them:

" Hi

I would like you to know that Tune Inn has today gone in to voluntary

liquidation.. (We have gone bust!!).

The Mp3 race has caught up with us and unfortunately seems like it may

well be the end for vinyl.

I would like to thank you all for being great customers. It has been a

great 9 Years and we have all had the best times of our lives doing

what we did.

Thanks again

Pete Gawtry"

It sounds really worrying for vinyl if they are to be believed. They'd just revamped their site as well and were a leading force recently with promos.

Is it the end for vinyl :? I sincerely hope not

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hmm, never really used tune inn, delivery was a bit steep, but that is never good to see an ONLINE record shop shutting down.

Surely there no way juno could go the same way?

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I used them a fair bit. They were near to me, so next day delivery was never a problem. Always very helpful on the phone too.

If Chemical and Juno go the same way, its a very worrying situation. I think those 2 have the market tho, and perhaps Tune Inn struggled to compete, but didn't want to say that

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I won't be surprised if Junoi starts with the old Mp3s soon like Chemical, but the selection still is quite poor.

Amazing considering Tune Inn are blaming MP3s. Why not start selling them if there's a market for them :? (Although leave some vinyl there for me!)

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