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ID#023 Paul van Dyk vs Joe T Vannelli


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I finally discovered what this was since Jules played it in June 1999, it's currently top of my hit-list to get; don't be fooled by the early-sounding elements of the track, it builds up nicely!

Joe T Vannelli feat. Csilla - 'Play With The Voice' (Play With The Voice In Germany Remix)

ID#023 Clip 1 .mp3

ID#023 Clip 2 .mp3

ID#023 Clip 3 .mp3

which is by Paul van Dyk on his 'Nervous Tracks' album.

Dying to get hold of it, anyone know where I can get it? A google search led me to Yahoo music who have it to download but it's US only and I don't have a Credit card (only Debit). Any help appreciated.

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Cheers for your help Jason but that release has the wrong mixes on!

This track is from

Nervous Innovators Vol. 3:

Paul van Dyk's Nervous Tracks (1999)

I eventually found the little critter hiding here:


Yeah ThirdDrive & I pieced together two very vague details from some 1999 TLs a while back and discovered they were the same track! There's a clip on this link too, though I can't buy it through their music program you download cos I don't have Mastercard!!! It gives you only 4 options to pay with, Mastercard, Visa, and then 2 American cards I've never heard of...

I've found the same track available on Yahoo UK but they have no link for buying the track. The Kelkoo link for buying the whole CD is also dead.


So near and yet so far! :(:(

Anyone want to lend me their Mastercard details for $0.99 :D

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Just nabbed this on vinyl now. Unbelievably Vinyl Loops series just released their package #13 only a few days ago, and this is on the A-side. How weird is that?!

Cheers to Craig (agent_munki) for alerting me to it :)

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