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ID#068 - Scooter track (A remix obviously :D)


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Right, can I jog anyone's memories with this remix of what I'm led to believe is a remix of Scooter - 'No Fate'. Late 1997....

Don't laugh, it's clearly a remix so I reckon it's either the so-called "Trance mix" or the R.O.O.S. Mix. Any ideas?



Jules terminates the track half way through (end of second clip) because it starts skipping.

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after a quick research i discovered that, ...

actually.. without laughing, i think you're wrong ;)

its not "scooter's lousy cover version" as stated on this site:


but it probably a remix of 'Zyon - No Fate' instead!

which would give sense to the scratched record, as it a very old tune & maybe something Jules pulled out of the bag because Scooter's cover version was hitting the charts... who knows :)

anyhow, i haven't been able to track down a version yet, with the kind of speak there is heard in the audio snippets you have online, but i know for sure its not the Original Version.

and it aint any of the 'No Fate' mixes either (Edit & '93 Mix)


im a bit suspicious about 'No Fate (Mix) (6:40)', the '(Back From Goa Mix)' and the '(Brainfood Mix)'... could be one of those...maybe :D

the speak is on the (Struggle Continious Mix). but doesn't have the right "sound" to it.... could be the speed of the track?

anyway, that was a bit of light in the dark tunnel of unknown IDs, so hopefully someone have ID'd this baby when i come home from vacation the 17.

Cheers & good summer! (whats left of it anyway)


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Thanks mate, that's an enormous step forward from the depths of Denmark!

im a bit suspicious about 'No Fate (Mix) (6:40)'

Entries like that on records are incredibly vague, don't know how they get away with it! I'll be looking into all of this.

Somehow my Media Player is set in an endless repeat function and listening to that second clip over and over and over again.... spooky :( :?

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