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Lol @ my sister


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haha, my sister and her boyfrined have been up from london to see the fmaily this weekend just gone. One of the topics over diner was my birthday presents from them - sum slipmats and a t-shirt, upon enquiring where she got the slipmats from, she said she went to a dj shop in london where the guys in there 'looked at her funny' and gave her the strangest look when she asked if they had any of those 'red-label' records your (me) always on about - oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.........

haha, she said she'd been talking to a frined at her company whose boyfrined has decks and she told my sister to look for those rare 'reb-label' records, hahahahahah!!

after much laughter i then explained to my sis its 'white' not red-label, hehe

made me chuckle A LOT anyway.....thought i'd share that comical moment with u guys!

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Thats a classic mate!!!

The mrs was asking me what a Black lable was a while back!!!! "Black label?" i asked, "its a lager called carling black label", she was said "what? i thought it had something to do with records"


I replied " you mean a white label, after laughing to the extent i nearly pissed my self!!!

must be a women thing!!! :D

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haha, thats wiked!!

good stuf mate!

my sister wasn't impressed with me when about 3 hours after mentioning the whole thing i just burst out laughing cos i was thinking about it agian :D:D:D

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