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Big up to Bjorn on the wheels of steel!


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Just received a Cd mix from Dj C-S-W, (aka Bjorn). Bjorn has had his dex around a year or so now, "havent you bjorn" and this time last year bjorn recorded me a mix which i belived was one of the first mixes he had recorded.

Last summers mix was cool, the tunes where very progressive and euphoric. The mixing was a bit loose in places but some of them where really good i was very impressed as bjorn had only been mixin a while.

This summers mix is the tits!!! very impressed with the progression of ur skills on the wheels of still keep up the good work, pm bjorn an see if je will send you all a copy!

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why thankyou mr.steven higgersworth!

:twisted: :twisted:

good to hear u liked it, been in my stereo in the car all week, bit tired of it now!

Once i quit pants work and have been to gg i have a week of chillin me thinks, so time to do sum more recordings (and improve the levels a bit!!)

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