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Qmusic Livecast 6 hour broadcast


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Been listening to this with Adam and its been appaling! these guys obviously cant mix and are making a bloodey mess of it all playing Dj Sammy and other such crap with some od quality, the odd few mixes have been on by Adam Cwoft though.

I count Uniting nations dj sammy tim delux cabin crew and countless others the same versions being played twice or three times!, another thing the mic volume is not constant either, bit of a poor show for a station tryning to gain more listeners.

Lastly Adam's done a 20 minute mix which at this rate looks like they won't lay either, me and Adam (as Adam not dormouse) and I got seperate shououts lol probably the only tow people listening!-sorry thats kinda harsh..but what a poor show I think people should stick to what they are good at instead of jumping onto the dance thing due to where they are broadcasting from.

Rant over.

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Listenership will increase by more than just my friends and you guys since it goes live to the hall bars in Sept, whether they want it on or not

I think that's a fantastic idea, because people when they switch the radio on aren't immediately gonna think of going to the Uni station first!

Regarding qmusicradio, I also think it might help if they broadcast at a better quality. I know it's more expensive but it would make a better impression. Even Radio 1's "Listen Again" feature can stream at a higher bitrate (depending on your connection) - don't get me wrong but you can't cater for dial-up anymore at the expense of it's broadband listeners...

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