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august summer mix!!

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to download go to here http://www.free.mixthemix.dj/mixes/glennk_...g_funky_mix.mp3

or listin online at http://www.free.mixthemix.dj/

feed back welcome!

August traklistings

1. layo & bushwacka -love story

2. cirez d - teaser

3. Chab Ft Jd Davis - Closer To Me (Original Mix)

4. deep dish - say hello

5. Robbie Rivera - one eye shut

6. cirez d lollipop

7. dj rooster - shake it

8. deux-sun_rising_up_(main_vocal_mix)

9. triple m – sex

10. Axwell_vs_Laura_More-'Feel_The_Corrida_Vibe'_(HashieBEdit)

11. Future Funk - Wildberry Tracks [the Chosen Few Remix]

12. blaze – precious love

13. Olav Basoski - Waterman (Original Mix)

14. Coburn – we interrupt this programme

15. armin van helden – in my eyes

16. subway – what you got what you do

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Yay :D someone playing my bootleg! anyone want the version I did for dormouse?(basically no vocals druing the filtering in at the begining)if so catch me on msn guvs.

Will check this mix out tomorrow guv, proper bo.

i wondered where i got this from lol. have to admit the vocal at the start makes it hard to hear the beat when cueing it up (as u can hear the f*** up i did) but yes class we bootleg means i can play it agin this summer :D

not sure if i have u on msn but id take a copy with out the vocal atthe start! add me whos_this_guy@hotmail.com

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Coing yer way guv! :D

Eiditng name of the version to HashieBEdit 2 aka Edit For Dormouse lol! still gotta give him props! he played it a few times.

Its is difficult mixing by just hearing the vocals yeah, even I've not played that version much!

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Think it's Jason B's re-edited bootleg of Axwell - 'Feel The Vibe' - see the TL above...

Still can't remember why it's the "Hashie B" re-edit Jason, you did tell me but was there a story or something behind it?!

It was a reference to Jason's smoking habits, from what I can remember :wink: :D

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