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Fred Baker Presents Iguana [LTD PROMO] :: Beautiful Sunshine


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This tune is good, but personally i prefer fred when he's producing something banging such as MIB - Keep pushin or Dark Alliance - Genetic.

The breakdown on Sunshine is quality tho.

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It is really bugging me how Eddie Halliwell edits or cuts up that Dark Alliance Track - Genetic! It is exactly the same mix as his Ibiza 2004 EMIX and by the sounds of it he is using two records. On Judgement Euphoria its down as a 3 deck edit but no other info on it. Dark Alliance is his collaboration with Terry Bones!

Fred Baker has gotta be the man of the moment! I first loved his collaboration with Mr Sam - Forever Waiting.

I am loving "Total Blackout"

Aint heard this post though - will have to check it out Ste!

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