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Right boys and girls, after a little bit of thinking, I’m pleased to announce that we have lift off for the first official Judge Jules Tracklist Archive Secret Santa! (If anyone can think of a better, and shorter name then go ahead :P). In case you missed the original thread, the idea surfaced here.

Here’s all the information you should need as to how this is going to work. You’ve got the rest of the summer to set to and put together a mix CD. You then post this to me at Uni. All mixes must include the following: a full tracklist, your own postal and email addresses, plus stamps to cover the cost of postage. Once the final deadline has been reached, you’ll then be posted at random another mix. This way, everyone who takes part will get something different back.

Don’t worry if you think your mixing is a bit rusty, or you’re worried that everyone will be a million times better than you - that’s not the point of this exercise, it’s not a competition. The idea here is so that we can get some feedback on our mixes, exchange ideas, talk to new people, listen to something new and hopefully have a bit of fun in the process.

Here are the rules:

1) Mixes must be posted to me by the start of my next academic year, which is the first full week in October (Monday the 3rd). This gives you ample time to put some preparation into it. The address which you have to send your mix to will be provided via PM.

2) Mixes must include your full postal address, and email address - otherwise you’ll not get a mix returned, or have no feedback.

3) Mixes must include stamps to cover the cost of postage - again, because you’ll not get a mix back. I’ll find out how much this is likely to be asap.

4) Mixes must include a full tracklist.

5) After the deadline, you will be posted back CD at random from all the available mixes.

6) Please do not post your tracklists up here until after the deadline - that just spoils the fun.

That’s it really, so get your thinking caps on, those decks ready and get creative. If you’re going to take part please reply here so everyone knows. And, if you’ve any comments, questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to speak up. It’s over to you...

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Right everyone, can you get your individual mixes onto CD and done?

That'll be:

Jacey B

Graham 64



Aza (demo)



DJ Bjorno

Spin Doctor


Submissions to Spin Doctor in by October 3rd.

+ Bom_Tailey

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A few points boys and girls...

Deadline: If it's ok with everyone, stick with the 3rd of October as the deadline mentioned in the original post. It's the start of my Uni term, so seemed like a good point to work form. In any case, I won't be able to get hold of any of the mixes untill around then anyway, so it'll have to wait! :shock:

Multiple Enteries: We'll say no this time round as its the 'pilot run' so to speak.

Any other questions be sure to speak up...

Remember, still plenty of time to get your mixes recorded, however a month in the middle of the summer holiday will disappear very quickly so don't leave it too long! Anyone else wishing to join in is more than welcome.

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