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Perfect Motion @ Red, Derby 7th July 2007

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Have been asked to organise & reside i nthe middle room of Red in Derby once a month, quite pleased as i get to parially promote the night through organisation etc. Have asked our very own Tremor to play with me the first month! (Check the spelling o nthe flyer - LOL!)

Heres the flyer:




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Good stuff lads, hope it's a good'un. Make those revellers enjoy themselves, I'm sure lots of people will head straight to your room :thumbsup:

Who's Taj with you, another Trance DJ mate?

He's one of my best mates helping to organise things - thought he deserved a mention on the flyer, hehe!

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Yeh spot on matey - we had the room rammed and proper smashing it out to a load of classics! The main promoter of the night was bouncing of the walls when Tremor dropped ROOS - Instant Moments

I'll post some pics up when i get home - was a class night - shame the wiring to the soundsystem is somewhat 'dodgy' - ha - i reckon I could have done a better job with my eyes shut :unsure:

Was still good tho - as per usual the whole club somewhat emptied around about 3am, but yeh it was good. In the process of sorting another date around our Ibiza holiday ^_^

Classics i can remember playing:

4 Strings - Take Me Away (Instrumental Mix)

Three Drives - Greece 2000

Sasha & Emerson - Scorchio

Marc Et Claude - La (Moonman Mix)

Agnelli & Nelson - Holding On

it all went a bit hazy after that...the large quantity of free booze we were supplied with started to take effect, haha

I'll have a scan through my wallet when i get home and add to this list!

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Haha quality Bjorn mate,

was a top night this, thoroughly enjoyed it, DJ'ing one minute, ravin to Bjorn's selection of classics the next, and the free booze never hurts eh.

I will try to remember what I played:


Freefall - skydive

storm - storm

ratty - sunrise (instrumental)

joshua ryan - pistolwhip

reeloop - f***ing society

tomcraft vs sunbeam - versus

michael woods - solex (original instrumental)

dirt devils - music is life

ROOS - instant moments

oceanlab - satelite

New stuff:

aled mann - cause & effect (actually mixed in by Taj who wanted a mix, lol)

randy katana - session impossible

muse - cydonia remix

bk & jules - sickness

john marks & the moon - blow the speakers (Tremor Re-edit)

jose gonzales - crosses

filo & peri - anthem (nic chagall) (had everyone singing along to this)

cassius - sound of violence (lee haslam)

john o callaghan - split decision

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heh heh, quality!!!

Ok, the rest of the classics i played:

Sasha - Expander (Mark Norman Mix) - cheeky

Veracocha - Carte Blanche

kulay - Burn (Jules Mix)

Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)

10 Revolutions - Time For The Revolution

Current Tunes:

Sander Van Doorn - Back By Demand

Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree & 3Stortion

Super8 & Tab - Needs To Feel (Wippenburg Remix - Jules Edit) B)

Daft Punk - Harder Better faster Stronger (Heatbeat Bootleg Mix)

Sean Tyas - One More Night

Dogzilla - Frozen

Stephen J Kroos - Formalistik (Leon Bolier Mix)

Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (Sander Van Doorn Remix)

Paul Webster - Corruption





The main promoter of the club riding my mate to ROOS - Instant Moments!!





Main Room:



Fun & games at 5am back at our mates house:


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