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judge jules 1999-2000 university gigs

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Welcome to the board, sir! I know of the 4 University tours at the end of 2000 but you're right that there were some mingled in 1999, one from Coventry I remember being distinctly sterling! Do you have any audio to post up to refresh the memory? :)

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The only University gigs I recollect properly were right at the tail-end of Jules' Friday night era in 2001, at Derby Uni, University College at Worcester, Portsmouth Uni, and the University of Durham. There were other University gigs in 1999 and at the start of 2000 but I we don't have any surviving tracklistings for these so I can't remember! Does anyone else on here have a better memory?

Welcome to the board anyway, l2kewl; please if you have any tracklistings or Jules audio lying around (be it tapes, MDs, mp3s - anything), get in touch :thumbsup:

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There was a month of Uni gigs back in October 1999.

The first one I've already uploaded which was a 90 minute mix (first half hour was the ressie) live from Sunderland

The second was Coventry

The third was Northampton

The final one was Portsmouth (think they're in the right order)

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true... it aint a Uni gig... the Uni gigs i have are these:

1999-10-01 : Sunderland Uni

2001-01-12 : Derby Uni

2001-01-26 : Portsmouth Uni

2001-02-02 : Durham Uni

...and yes, those will all be available here when the new site is launching ;)


if anyone have those sets, please contact me. thanks in advance!







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