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Jules R1 14.7.07

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Saturday 14 July


The Cut Up Cut

Henrik B – ‘Soul Heaven’ [Fonzerelli mix] (White)

Timbaland – ‘The Way I Are’ (Interscope)

Out of Office – ‘Hands Up’ (Frenetic)

Rihanna – ‘Umbrella’ (Def Jam)

Kate Nash – ‘Foundations’ (Polydor)

Roachford – ‘Ride The Storm’ (CR2)

Dave Spoon – ‘At Night’ (Electrade)

Afrika Bambaata – ‘Just Get Up’ (DFC)

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Sirens’ (XL)

Yves Larock – ‘Rise Up’ [Vandalism mix] (Data)

Daft Punk – ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ (Virgin)

Robbie Williams – ‘Bongo Bong’ [Fedde Le Grand mix] (White)

Drunkenmunky – ‘Get Up’ (White)

Marco Ten Velden – ‘I Wish’ [Tom Novy Mix] (White)

Fedde Le Grand – ‘Think About It’ (Data)

Out Of Office – ‘Hands Up’ [Yer Man Mix] (Frenetic)

Chris Kaeser & Warner Powers – ‘I Feel Fire’ (White)

Booty Luv – ‘Don’t Mess With My Head’ [Thom Gold Mix] (White)

Chromeo – ‘Bonified Lovin’ (Backyard)

One For The Weekend - Trophy Twins’ choice

Splitter – ‘All Alone’ (Ministry Of Sound)

Dero – ‘Do The Retro Stomp’ (White)

MAS Project – ‘Everybody’ [bailey & Rossko Mix] (White)

Unknown - ‘Futuristic Fly’ [bryan Cox Mix] (White)

Patric La Funk – ‘Fiesta’ (White)

Sebastian Leger – ‘Mars’ (Mistakes)


Bangin’ Tried and Tested

John Gibbons & Simon Tist – ‘Beautiful Filth’ (White)

Stuart Miller – ‘Undisputed Love’ (White)

Sander Van Doorn – ‘The Riff’(DO2RN)

Lisa Lashes & Ann Savage – ‘Unknown’ (White)

JS16 – Rosegarden (White)

Miika Leinonen – ‘Shadow Hearts’ (Alter Ego Digital)

The Saturday Night Mix

Orjan – ‘Black Mamba’ (Enhanced)

Nalin & Kane – ‘Beachball’ [Jason Cortez Mix] (White)

Filo & Perry – ‘Anthem’ (Vandit)

Marcel Woods – ‘Lemon Tree’ (High Contrast)

Simon Patterson – ‘Bulldozer’ (2 Play)

The Last Dance

Kai – ‘Find Myself’ [Robin Palmer Mix] (MTV Networks Europe)

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Has anyone downloaded this yet, if so any chance you can upload or send us the link? I did used to use newmixes.com but the sites having technical problems and i havent been able to grab mixes for a few weeks now :angry:

Is there anyway that this site could provide the global and saturday warm ups to download in the future as the radio 1 listen again feature isnt very ipod friendly.

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