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favourite compilations


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love em or hate em, they probably got most of us lot into djing at some point. There have been so many good ones, but, whats you're favourite?

i'll start the ball rolling with...

Nukleuz presents; Mauro Picotto The Lizard Man

Tranceformer 2000 mixed by Lange & Mauro Picotto

Clubbers guide to Ibiza 99 <- i've lost my copy of this and keep meaning to buy it again

Ibiza Euphoria mixed by Matt Darey (the one with the orange sunset cover)

this was just when i had started djing, i remember buying a new compilation evry week through the summer of 1999.

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The best compilation ever is Trance Nation 1 mixed by Ferry Corsten.

Jules's clubbers guide to... were good back in the day too, and i've got a soft spot for Clubbed volume 2 too.

Most recently, Dave Pearce's Delirium CD surprised me - a very good CD with nice tunes and a good flow. Well worth buying if you can spare a tenner :thumbsup:

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So many to mention...

First One I ever brought was Ministry of Sound Ibiza Annual 1998, kinda got me into things largely because I found 'Cafe Del Mar' (Three n One Mix) on Jules' CD1, along with a few other classics.

Clubbers Guide to '99 contains probably the best single disc ever, CD2 blew me away, so many great tracks on there.

Trance Nation 1 Ferry Corsten was a big one as it really introduced me to the term 'Trance' & it's connotations, before then I had known that trance was the music for me but didn't know what it was called or where to search for it, the comp changed it for me.

Trance Nation Three was by & large a bit of a let down as CD1 was very commercial, but CD2 wow! Some killer prog trance such as 'Belfunk' 'From Russia With Love' & others, worth a mention for this disc

A State Of Trance 2004 - 2004 is my favourite year for tunes & this comp had all the favourites.

Markus Schulz Miami 2005 - The best progressive trance compilation ever released, perfectly aligned to my tastes.

Loads of others mainly from back a few years ago but too many to mention

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love em or hate em, they probably got most of us lot into djing at some point.

What an absolutely peach of a line there mate, I cannot think of such an effective and descriptive line to justify this and, for me, without a doubt it was Jules' First Clubbed CD followed by Trance Nation 4. Although there were three prequels to TN4 a mate gave it me and I became addicted and that combined with Jules album certainly fired up my engine! :D

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i have to say, i never really loved the clubbed! comps like i did Jules' clubbers guide. I feel they were more of a case of "i'm not just a trance DJ, i also play techno too" affair for me. Jules plays pumping house and trance, so what? people obviously like it otherwise he wouldnt be where he is!

This also happened with Ferry Corsten, Mixmag and what not slate him for making trance only to knock him down, this in turn forces him to turn his back on the sound that made him.

Just my own humble opinion.

Anyway, what about MOS; Dance Nation 4 mixed by Pete Tong and Boy George. I remember this beut of a comp!

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Kinda hear you mate, but surely look at the TL and CD 1 was mainly tech and the other was top dog!

Citizen Caned was a beaute to me then (still is)!!

the best one was the first one...i remember this had the fantastic Nigel Gee "Hootin' Harry" on it. The Ariel remix was hot!

I think it was because i remember looking forward to them so much only to be slightly let down by them. Another thing i liked about these, is that i think they were mixed live and the edited to fit on a CD, which gave them a nice "feel"

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i think my top five are:

Clubbers guide To Ibiza '99 - first proper dance comp I bought

Trance Nation 1 - I know the TL by heart just about haha

Ibiza Annual 99 - Just for the In Petto mix of Toca Me

Trance Nation 3

Progressive Euphoria - perfect motorway listening or on a plane contemplating the clouds :)

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