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Judge Jules Friday 28th January 2000 (Tracklist Complete!)


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TAPE ID - 001

Another tape without any date on it! :D

UPDATE: Date now discovered :)

I am recording this one to mp3 as I type..... I am broadcasting it on Fuzzy's shoutcast server as well :)

01. Flickman - Sound of Bamboo (Yomanda Vs. Hi Gate Mix) [inferno]

02. ID

03. Chicane Featuring Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up (Disco Citizens vs. Tomski Remix) [Xtravaganza]

04. Angelic - It's My Turn [serious Records]

05. Mighty High - Good Times (Pierre J Mix) [Rosenberg Entertainment]

06. G - Bag It Up (Yomanda Remix)

07. Joel Mull - The Mole Remixes EP [Primevil]

08. Trancesetters - Roaches [Touche] (Mix needs ID'ing)

09. DJ Sneak & Groove Armada - 'Sneaky Armada' (Exquisite EP) [White Label - Illicit Remix Series]

10. Studio 45 Present Le Pamp Play House - I Like The Sounds [Definity Records]

11. Ariel - A9 [Essential Recordings]

12. Sourmash - Force Of Habit [First Records]

13. Sander Kleinenberg - Here It Comes (Penso Positivo E.P.) [infusion]

14. Taiko - Die Blechtrommel [slotmachine]

15. Dutch Force - Deadline [smashtrax]

16. ID

17. ID

18. Smudge & Smith - Near Me (Lucid Mix) [iNCtraxx]

19. Sagitaire - Shout (C'mon) (Sagitaire Remix) [NuLife Recordings]

Half-Hour Mix

20. The Clergy - Saints & Sinners [M-->Bargo]

21. Boom Device - Yesterday's Enterprise [Y2K]

22. Ricky Effe - Sector .30 (Sector Mix) (Noise Maker Volume Four) [Nukleuz]

23. Fridge - Angel (Quake Remake) [incentive]

24. D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Jerome Hill - Hydraulix 3 [Hydraulix]

25. Tomcraft - Flashback [Kosmo]

26. The Traveller & In Motion - Believe [Five AM]

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How amazingly freaky. Just shows how damn good this board is...I was thinking of this exact mix the other day and trying to find my tape for it. Could the half hour mix be uploaded at all...

And Tim - DJ Enrico - 'Yesterday's Enterprise' - it is my fave too, the similarities continue to astound me. May have to ask you about that one if you have it. traveller And In Motion features in this mix too, great tune that I love to this day, and 'Hydraulix 3' too.

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Christian, a proper meet-up and exploration of this small but very particular niche of trance that we both somehow share needs to happen very soon!

Simon - get this audio up, there's some sterling tracks in the whole show I need to hear again... Smudge & Smith, Chicane, Sourmash...

Ok let me sit down for a second! :)

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