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Thursday morning I attended an interview with Welsh Water for a job in their newly formed IT dept.

It followed my first interview in Manchester the day before for a graduate technical consultant, which, despite them being keen to progress me toward an offer, I declined because although I was willing to relocate (because there is limited job openings in Wales for the sort of career I want, I received persistent pressure from the agency dealing with me and this twat's commission driven attitude got on the wrong side of me and I give him a piece of my mind, hung the phone up on him and went over his head to make a formal complaint.

One hour after the interivew in Machester, I received a call back asking me to attend final interview toward offer. I politely asked for some time to think and talk it through with my partner and family because it would be a big change in my life - relocating, selling house, buying a new one, settling in a new area etc etc. I asked for 24hrs because I was 4hrs away from home and wanted to think about personal matters. He responded "what is there to think about"?

Now for me, that was a massive turning point in how they don't give a complete toss about you, your just a number and if you land a job, they get extra bonus's! Eventually the conversation ended he would call me tomorrow.

The next day he rang me 3 times and I turned my phone off - he left me voice mails each time. I then had an interview at 10 o clock with Welsh Water (which went beautifully well :)), I returned home and my girlfriend told this agency guy rang my house and spoke to her with a bit of attitude. I called him back, gave him a piece of my mind and told him I would not pursure with Manchester because of 'personal reasons' and I would like it if he respected my chose and to leave the matter there - he persisted to ask me 'why, why why' :redface: :redface: As mentioned above, I gave him a piece of my mind, told him for his lack of respect in dealing with clients and later called back his office to speak with the manager and make a complaint for the complete lack of disregard toward my feelings and ultimately, my decision.

I had spent a lot of time revising up on Welsh Water and their core values, company strategies etc etc, which when arriving at the question : So Chris, what do you know about us - it went down really really well :mrgreen:

The interview lasted 50mins and I was faced with some tough questions, which although simple, you often draw a blank:

Tell me about your self, what is your weaknesses, how do you deal with stress, what your greatest achievement, etc etc

The interview drew to an end and I asked several questions, which I felt went down really well. At the conclusion, he said 40 people are being interviewed for this, and I am likely to know the outcome early next week.

Because this role is commutable from my house, a very good salary and a job role, which I once imagined my self in whilst in uni, I began to get anxious and worried not only for not getting it against so many other candidates, but this job opportunity is ocne in a while and for all the homework I had done, the stress of that other agency I knew I was in for a difficult weekend!

Yesterday I received a phone call - Welsh Water would like to offer me the job! I accepted immediately with so much joy!

I am so happy that I do not have to relocate - I can stay in my new home, and, the idea of moving (again) and for my first job is something I imagined would be tough!

My new job then is working for Welsh Water as an 'ICT Service Delivery Analyst' :) :) :)

Thank you for reading - rantage over...

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Well done. It's a wicked feeling to get a job. It makes you feel really proud and confident. Once I left Uni I went for 13 jobs that I got knocked back from. Retrospectively it was my fault in each case in that I either did a bad interview or just went for the wrong job for me & didn't get an interview.

One guy offered me an interview to which I declined because the job was in Cornwall and I had an interview the day after in E.Anglia. That would have been way too much travelling and a logistical nightmare. I wish I'd taken the interview as being a surf addict, living in Cornwall would have been ideal.

The bloke didn't take kindly to my rejection of the interview and started giving me this lecture down the phone about how I wouldn't get a job with that attitude as it stinks and all that sort of crap. I lost patience in the end and gave him a piece of my mind and eventually told him where to go & hung up on him!

My current job had a really good interview and I was answering their next question before they'd even asked it without knowing. I just dug deep for all the confidence I had and went full fire. I could just tell from they way the interviewers reacted that I was a strong candidate.

I'm not sure about my longevity in this job but once you've had one job, it shows the next employer that your capable and that you've go that vital experience that all employers are craving.

Well done once again mate. :thumbsup:

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that reminds me of joining the police. I got so worried over each part of the process. I think i was worse at the papersift, because i figured that once you get to the interview/role play process, it's in your own hands to impress and show them how wonderfully diplomatic you are. Whereas the papersift part (submitting the application and getting a call back to say "yes we want to assess you") they only see what is written on the application form.

I have a good interview to job offer record. I think i have only been knocked back once!!!

Anyway, Well done on getting the job, things always work out in the end and its just aswell you thought about it. Although to be fair, that agency guy would have got a right earbashing from me. I love ignorant, stuck people like that, because it means i get to treat them in the same way, i dont do it much - well only to the scroates that cause trouble - so thats daily then at work. I dont see myself as a "tosser" sort of copper, i just believe in a fair but firm attitude, which is how i think it should be. The way i see it is, you're okay with me, i'm okay with you. You did really well not to lose it with him, my problem is i can be a bit hot headed sometimes, which has got me in trouble before.

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Many congratulations mate :thumbsup: You've done exceptionally well getting a grad job so soon after graduating. After that crap agency company, it just shows how things are meant to be - they probably helped you by putting you through the interview in Manchester and giving you a bit more interview practice :mrgreen:

Good luck for the 17th!!

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Yes sir Uber. I have been seeking professional help, and with some success: a local ironmonger has agreed to make real-life steel copies of my designs. My wooden copies are only carvings for my test designs.

Let us not detract from Aza's new job:


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