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Hey guys.

Yesterday I was hit with a bástard of a trojan (bloody greeks!). My comp completely froze over and I think it led me to a hacker.

I managed to back up pretty much everything luckily using dvd-r's. Lucky I invested in one a while back as I put everything on DVD's, which would have been 56 cds!!!!!

I lost all my music albums somehow. I opened the browser to them and it froze, I closed it and tried to open it and it had gone :oops: :oops: :?

Think it got corrupt somehow! Ill just have to rip all my music albums again for backup purposes etc...

Anyways, I managed to reinstall everything and copy it back over. I think I would have cried it I lost all my dance etc. I backed everything up on mp3 from my vinyl and had all my school work (including the website and my vinyl database) on my hard drive aswell, which I managed to salvage!

I cannot stress how important it is to make backups! I had my firewall on aswell and antivirus running and it still came through!!!

Ive kept my discs safe now and reformatted everything!

Just thought Id warn you chaps - Im gonna be more precautious now. The internet is like New York allyways (LOL!), YOU ARE NOT SAFE!

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