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Freefall, The Arches, Glasgow


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My returning to a UK clubbing 'experience' is something I have been looking forward to for the past year or so, and I'm gonna head out for this one, not because it's an amazing night but because I simply cannot wait any longer.

If anyone wants to come, post below and we'll sort out guestlist entries, etc. It would be good to see you.

Steve? Craig? :) :)


Main Arch

Judge Jules

Ronald Van Gelderen

John O’Callaghan

Dance Arch

Tidy Boys

Alex Kidd

William Daniel


Robbie Rivera

Sonny Wharton

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I am considering this, it would be good to finally meet some people face-to-face if they are going? It is a long way but I can make this.

Bjorn, I would like to meet you (and your missus. in a dark room) :)

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Well here's my report for the night - I'm sure Craig and Steve will add many more details! Here goes....

After a massive night on Friday where Public Domain were playing (possibly James Allen, I'm not sure) I arrived at Glasgow central after 4 hours on the train, very hungover and very tired, which was not ideal! I met Steve (bigsteve off here), been nearly a year and half since my last visit, so we headed over to this bar called Campus where Craig (agent munki off here) was apparently meeting us and of course catch most of the Scotland vs. Ukraine game (no England matches shown up there, of course!)

Campus is one of those massive places on 2 floors which primarily a pub but also likes to try its hand with music... but of the dangerously, ear-splittingly treble-high type that I swear was louder than the Arches we went to later. It was very fuelled in there, very packed, and extremely noisy, and I remember telling Steve more than once how weird it was being thrown into this environment - both in the immediate sense, considering the quiet train I'd been on, and also culturally as well having been in Spain for the last year - but despite it being uneasy Steve bought me a John Smiths, which for some reason arrived in a can, and we settled by the door where we had a great view of the big screen on our left above the raised platform. Scotland were 2-1 up already by the time we arrived and as the 3rd went in, the place exploded as people lept up and hugged each other and cheering, it was quite amazing.

Then, predictably, a fight broke out on the raised platform just metres in front of us. I was right in the way and in the ensuing ejection of a few tough lads by the bouncers, bleeding from the head and swearing, I also found myself outside in broad daylight (along with my can of John Smiths, which was going down very slowly indeed), and unable to come in where I had voluntarily walked out. It got the adrenalin pumping for sure! Steve found me and we watched the remainder of the match upstairs, before finally finding Craig who we realized must have walked right past us during the match!

After a heavy pub lunch, discussing all sorts of amusing things, Craig, Steve and I headed to a few bars, finally settling in a bar which had live Jazz music, which was equally strange, before getting in the drinks in at a place to see England beat France in the rugby. We also met Craig's girlfriend there and some of his mates who were now on the revised guestlist! We'd killed 7 hours and now it was time to go to the Arches proper!

After getting in, we soon realized that not only was it a sell-out night but also that they had opened up the whole of the Arches arena inside, something which they hadn't done on all my previous visits there. This added another dimension to an already amazing club and made the atmosphere really something special. The only disappointment of the weekend was the absence of John O'Callaghan, who was double-booked very publicy as in America this week, so a bit of false advertising really. However, Barry Connell stood in and we saw a bit of his set first and he was excellent - great tunes, great atmosphere, clearly loving the occasion, and his technical abilities were impressive too; I seriously recommend you go see him if he is on nearby.

Ronald van Gelderen was sporting a black suit for his set, complete with a white chequered tie which added to a polished performance, but if I'd have stayed for the whole of his set, I'd have been too tired to stand the rest of the evening. There was one track at the end which I cannot name, possibly his own production, which was excellent.

Then Jules came on, wearing quite possibly the most homosexual T-shirt I've ever seen anyone ever wear, in the form of a tight pale stripy pink number. The first tune changed the atmosphere from Ronald's set, who cleverly took the pace out of the tunes towards the end to exactly the right speed for the time, and it left Jules room to start off. Jules' ability to construct a decent set was forthcoming and thoroughly enjoyable. I love the build up to these things!

However, it was getting pretty hot in there, and those people pushing in with no regard were, I hate admit, all women who had had too much to drink, falling about into people. There was one young lady who barged past me and by my reckoning took up 3/4 of the dancefloor by her size alone. Normally though theres never any trouble, such a friendly group of clubbers who always say sorry and grin at you if they step on you!

Anyway it was during Kristine Blonde's appearance (Electrique Boutique remix of course) in Jules' set (again) that a certain jet-blonde female arrived out of nowhere and took the opportunity to get intimate with me. At the breakdown though, arms in the air, on tiptoes her hands couldnt reach mine (I'm nearly 6'3"), and she didn't know the words either... shortly afterwards her friends quickly dragged her away.

Regarding tunes, I couldnt possibly tell you any more of the names of the tracks that were played, having had a year of my life removed from the UK. But the Arches opened up was great, and there was no trouble inside. I also liked the free jugs of water at the bars, absolutely essential on any club night but especially given the heat generated inside. Overall it was a top, top evening and I rank it as the best night I've had clubbing so far. Steve and Craig will no doubt be able to list a few more tunes and long may! Til we meet again, lads...(and lasses) :)


Oh - Bart Claessen tune was immense. It came before Loveshy because I remember the blonde was in the vicinity.

Razorlight as well (which I hate) also went down so well in a club. I guess it's just one of those examples of it not working unless it's played at the right time in a proper club....! I also forgot all the spinbacks Jules was doing at the end, whilst drunk, very very funny indeed!!

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i cant really add any more to that really quite impressive and extensive report...

roland van gelderen's last one was - this way (rank1 mix) tim

tunes jules played were...

menno de jong - solid state ( tunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne !!)

simon patterson - bulldozer

digital deviant - bullet in the gun bootleg (which quite excited kirsty ;) she loves the classics

laidback luke mix of a classic err??

razorlight - las americas (plyed while holding a scotland flag!!!! and jules sayin on mike that scotland have a f***in great team now!! hahhah made my nite !

im sure there is more but i cant quite think..

oh when we got back to mine.. i was rather wasted and on the decks playin tunes with funny glasses on and doin crappy spin backs!!! lol

while kirsty and tim were pishing themselves hahaha

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Good report, Tim, and a better memory than mine, Craig, on the tune front! I had a top night, although when the Arches is a sell-out its murder inside - way too hot and difficult to get any decent space to dance. Having said that, its good to see the support there, esp as it was Inside Outs' 'little brother.'

I'm afraid I can't add any more tunes to the list, but I thought it was the best set I've heard from Jules in a while - not too techy, but some beefy beats with good melodies.

Thanks Tim for sorting out the guesties and apologies for not using my full quota, but at least they were put to good use :thumbsup: Here's to the next one...

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oh when we got back to mine.. i was rather wasted and on the decks playin tunes with funny glasses on and doin crappy spin backs!!! lol

while kirsty and tim were pishing themselves hahaha

Craig that was special, you were re-enacting Jules' drunk spinbacks whilst wearing identical glasses, absolutely hilarious I hadn't laughed so hard in ages!

Steve you're right about the heat - I remember now we went out 2 or 3 times to get fresh air, it was so hot in there it was ridiculous!

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I'm listening back to Jules's show from last week and Fred Baker & Greg Nash - Atlantic City was also played at Freefall. A great break down to it, but was very disappointed when the beat came back - a bit too techy for me. And I remember Jules filtering out of one of the breakdowns which completely ruined it for me.

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