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Jules R1 29/09/07


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Saturday 29 September


The Cut-Up Cut

Unknown – ‘Amerie’ (White)

Amerie – ‘Gotta Work’ (Sony BMG)

Bassheads – ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ (Deconstruction/Parlophone)

Billy Idol – ‘White Wedding’ (Capitol)

Armand Van Helden – ‘I Want Your Soul’ (Southern Fried)

Hard Fi – ‘Suburban Knights’ [Angello & Ingrosso mix] (Atlantic)

50 cent ft. Justin Timberlake – ‘Ayo Technology’ (Interscope)

Spit – ‘Falling’ [Daddy's Groove] (Net’s Work)

Timbaland – 'The Way I Are’ (Interscope)

Robbie Williams – ‘Bongo Bong’ [Fedde le Grand mix] (Chyrsalis)

Eve – ‘Tambourine’ (Polydor)

Wawa – ‘Stranger’ [smax & Gold mix] (EMI)

Bella – ‘Unknown’ [sunfreaks mix] (White)

Dave Armstrong – ‘Love Has Gone’ [Gelderblom mix] (Data)

Sesa – ‘I Like This Like That’ [Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden remix] (Positiva)

Gat Décor – ‘Passion’ [Dave Spoon mix] (Art & Craft)

Peter Gelderblom - ‘Waiting For’ [Hi-Tak mix] (Data)

Nayo – ‘Desert Storm’ [smax & Gold mix] (White)

One For The Weekend: Annie Mac’s choice

Alter Ego – ‘Why Not’ (Klang)

Freemasons – ‘Uninvited’ [Whenlan di Scala mix] (White)

Adam K & Soha – ‘Twilight’ (Hotbox Digital)

Dubfire – ‘Roadkill’ [breakfast remix] (Electronic Elements)


The Tried n Tested

Deadmaus Vs The Police – ‘Not Exactly Voices’ (White)

David Glyn – ‘Disco Warp’ (White)

Richard Durand – ‘We’re Here To Rock Any Time’ (White)

Paul Morrell – ‘Lights Off’ (White)

Bart Claessen – ‘First Light’ (Jaded)

Markus Schulz– ‘Fly To Colours’ (Genix Remix) (Coldharbour)

The Saturday Night Mix

Mandy Reid – ‘Tornado’ (White)

Dan Stone – ‘Spinal Chord’ (White)

K Sheehan – ‘Horizon Session’ (White)

Joonas Hahmo - ‘Sound of Sunday’ (Anjunadeep)

Alex Kunnari – ‘Lifter’ (White)

The Last Dance

Rize – ‘Te Quiero’ [Count Paris & Redroche mix] (Groove Connection)

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Peter Gelderblom - ‘Waiting For’ [Hi-Tak mix] (Data)

ore this <_<

i think is overplayed now ..and it was made to mutch mash ups off it i like the mash upsdont understand me rong but.. thsi is enoth Hi-tack Remix dont need to be the peter remix and genix remix is enoth :mellow: somebody agree :huh:

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although i actually like the Hi-Tack mix, i do agree, it's been a little played out now. But that said, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. That said, Dan Stone "Spinal Chord" and the Genix mix of Markus Schulz "Fly To Colours" are both great

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I never thought i'd see Jules support a Coldharbour release either :o

To be fair the Genix remix is fairly techy & the riff used in 'Fly To Colours' is something that has huge potential for Jules' audience

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