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Jules July Mix on JJ.NET


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Howdy to all

Just wondering if anyone had a tracklisting for Jules july mix on jj.net. Im struggling alot on the tracklisting and like a lot of the tunes he played on it.

Many thanks for your help as always.


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If you don't want to ask Jules just go to www.judgejules.net/board and in the "Tune" section someone has asked the same question and if you click on the link it will come up on your screen. Hope l'm making sense. :? However l don't know how accurate this tracklisting is.

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This Winter this website will have tracklistings for all of Jules' monthly mixes - I don't have a complete list yet but I have been compiling them offline for some time. If you email Jules, I'd be grateful if someone could PM me please with a fresh 2005 batch! :wink:

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Ghosts- Ghosts

-Jochen Miller- Polarity (Hemstock & Jennings mix)

-D-90- Red snapper (remix)

-Hemstock & Jennings- Mirage (Jochen Miller remix)

-E.Craig- Call it a day

-Slipstream- Slipstream

-Parsberg & Flippside- The box

-Denga & Manus- Music

-Scot Proj- I (need you)

-Ronald Van Gelderen- Filth

-Ein Music- Jittery heritage

-Saya- Majestic

-Marzz- Orbiter

-Jan Loper- Free your mind

-4 Strings- Sunrise

-A&B- Believe in surrender

-Jules- Keep me running

-Jules- Keep me running remix


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